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$5.75 App Only

  • $0 to Rich takes you on a journey to become RICH by following five easy steps. It's like having your very own financial coach on your bedside table.
  • You'll get set up with a simple no fuss budget and easy savings tips to fast track your financial milestones. But it isn't JUST a simple budget, it also includes guides on investing in the stock market (step by step) and even property, so you can grow you money faster and reach your goals sooner.
  • By following the plan outlined in this book, you'll be rich in no time!
  • What does 'rich' mean to you? Perhaps a huge mansion and an overseas holiday every year? A wardrobe and entourage to rival Victoria Beckham's? Or maybe a simple, comfortable house, no debt and a healthy investment portfolio?
  • However you define it, $0 to Rich will guide you towards achieving your financial goals in five easy steps and show you how to turn $0 into $1000, then $5000, then $10 000!
  • Written specifically for women by the best-selling author of Shopping For Shares, $0 to Rich is the personal financial coach every girl should have. It will show you how to work out what rich means to you, how to articulate exactly what you want, then how to go about realising that vision over a set period of time.
  • You'll discover:
  • how to create a no-fuss budget to fast-track your financial success
  • what the right amount to be saving is
  • investment options, from savings accounts to property and everything in between
  • how to safeguard your money (after all, it's not enough to just get rich -- the trick is staying there!).

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