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Price: $132.00 (30.000% off)
25mm Women's Tan Leather Strap/Silver-tone Dial Code: LMMTW2R89500
Ends in 630:07:53
Price: $118.00 (30.000% off)
Black Leather Strap/Black Dial Code: LMMTW2R85500
Ends in 630:07:53
Price: $118.00 (30.000% off)
Brown Leather Strap/Silver-tone Dial Code: LMMTW2R85600
Ends in 630:07:53
Price: $118.00 (30.000% off)
Tan Leather Strap/Black Dial Code: LMMTW2R85700
Ends in 630:07:53
Price: $118.00 (30.000% off)
Brown Leather Croco Strap/Silver-tone Dial Code: LMMTW2R85800
Ends in 630:07:53
Price: $118.00 (30.000% off)
Black Leather Croco Strap/Black Dial Code: LMMTW2R86600
Ends in 630:07:53



$65.00 CN264800
Women's New Atumn Fashion Long Sleeve Round Neck Floral Chiffon Dress with Ruffle $11.75 QQ264731
Women's New Autumn Fashion Short Sleeve Swing Collar Lapel Dress $7.50 QQ264759
$8.00 QQ264808
$58.00 CN264806
Women's Long Trumpet Sleeve V-neck Front Cross Strap Blouse with Floral Printed $6.00 QQ264763
Women's Casual Short Sleeve V-neck Short Pants Jumpsuits with Polka Dots $6.25 QQ264755
Women's Casual Short Pants $7.00 QQ264738
Women's Sleeveless Round Neck Lace Stitching Long Wide Leg Pants Jumpsuits with Backless $25.00 CN264749
$14.75 QQ264801
Women's Casual Long High Waist Ripped Jeans $11.00 CN264736
$17.00 CN264802
Women's Short Sleeve Round Neck Ruffle Stripe Blouse $6.50 QQ264764
Women's Casual Long Checkered Skirt with Waist Bow Strap $8.25 QQ264742
Women's Casual Short Ripped Jeans $7.25 QQ264734
Women's Long Sleeve POLO Collar Dress with Animals Printed $16.25 QQ264727
Women's Two Pieces Fashion Long Sleeve Round Neck Knitted Shirt with Sleeveless Deep V-neck Floral Dress $13.50 QQ264726
Women's Casual Long Sleeve Wrap Over V-neck Button Dress $18.00 QQ264729
Women's Short Sleeve V-neck Strap Long Wide Leg Pants Jumpsuits with Floral Printed $15.00 CN264756
Women's Long Trumpet Sleeve V-neck Loose Stripe Shirt $6.25 QQ264753
Women's New Summer Fashion Sleeveless Strap Floral Printed Dress $6.50 QQ264758
Women's Long Wide Sleeve Round Hanging Neck Floral Dress with Tie Back $8.00 QQ264752
$18.00 QQ264807
$58.00 CN264804
Women's Casual Long High Waist Wide Leg Plain Pants $9.00 CN264741


Men's Casual Short Sleeve Polo T-shirt $13.75 HM264565
Men's Long Sleeve Round Neck Stripe T-shirt $12.75 HM264429
Men's Casual Long Stripe Jeans $21.75 HM264674
NIKE TANJUN RACER $79.00 EPA21669-006
Men's Casual Long Elastic Waist Military Sweatpants $14.00 HM264431
Men's Short Sleeve Polo T-shirt $13.75 HM264492
Men's Long Sleeve Revers Collar Button Stripe Shirt $13.50 HM264523
Men's Casual Long Ripped Jeans $19.00 HM264427
Men's Short Sleeve Round Neck T-shirt $6.99 QM264382
Men's Long Sleeve Round Neck Texts T-shirt $12.00 HM264308
Men's Short Sleeve Round Neck T-shirt 3 in one box $17.50 QM264304
Men's Short Sleeve Round Neck T-shirt $9.25 HM264307
Men's Short Sleeve V-neck T-shirt $9.99 QM264222
Men's Casual Short Elastic Waist Pants $10.50 HM264430
Men's Casual Short Sleeve Revers Collar Button Shirt $9.25 QM264714
Men's Short Sleeve Round Neck Printed T-shirt $11.00 HM264564
Men's Casual Long Sleeve Revers Collar Button Shirt $10.50 QM264673
Men's Short Sleeve Round Neck Adidas Printed T-shirt $11.75 HM264432
$14.75 QM264810



គូ $13.00 CN244961CP
គូ $16.00 VC3848CP
គូ $9.00 VC6850CP
គូ $15.00 $9.00 vc785C
គូ $13.00 $7.80 VC6056CP
គូ $13.00 $6.50 VC3351CP
គូ $22.00 VC7970CP
គូ $13.00 VC7937CP
គូ $9.00 VC668CP
គូ $16.00 VC9810CP
គូ $16.00 VC6059CP
គូ $24.00 VC572CP
គូ $13.00 VC9073CP
គូ $13.00 $7.80 VC6151CP
គូ $13.00 VC7718CP
គូ $13.00 $3.25 VC935B
គូ $11.00 $6.60 VC3891CP
គូ $17.00 VC7911CP
គូ $15.00 VC1061CP
គូ $13.00 $7.80 VC6057MAN


ស្បែកជើង & ស្រោមជើងក្មេង $10.00 CNK244032
Kid's New Autumn Cartoon Cotton Socks $1.75 L263692
Kids Boy New High Top Fashion Spider-man Sneaker $27.00 CNK263272
Kid Girl New Slip-on Fashion Kitty Sneaker $18.00 CNK263273
Kids Boy Pajamas Set Long Sleeve Round Neck Stripe Shirt with Long Pants $10.75 CNK262956
Kid Girl Sleeveless Round Neck Butterfly Mesh Dress with Waist Bow $20.00 CNK263013
Kid Boys & Girls Fashion Tiger KENZO Embroidered Slipper $5.25 L263380
Kid Girl New Fashion Kitty Sneaker $18.00 CNK263274
Kid Boys Fashion Long Sleeve Round Neck T-shirt $6.00 QQ263554
Kid Girl Sleeveless Round Neck Mesh Floral Embroidered Dress $25.00 CNK263014
Kid Girl New High Top Fashion Black-Pink Star Sneaker $16.00 CNK263275
Children's Winter Fashion Christmas Knitted Hat $5.00 L263018
Kid Boy Long Sleeve Hooded Stripe T-shirt $11.00 CNK263010
Children's New Autumn & Winter Fashion Knitted Hat with Long Earmuff $7.50 L263023
Kid's New Autumn Ankle Length Socks $1.75 L263693
Kids Cartoon Waterproof Hooded Raincoat $7.25 L263359
Kid's New Autumn Cartoon Stripe Sock $1.75 L263694
Children's New Autumn & Winter Fashion Beret Woolen Hat $5.00 L263019
Kid Boy New Fashion Ninja Sneaker $13.50 CNK263269
Kid Girl Sleeveless Round Neck Mesh Dress with Floral Lace Embroidered $19.00 CNK263016


Metropolitan 34mm Grey Leather Strap/Silver-tone Dial $148.00 $103.60 LMMTW2R96200
34mm Black Leather Strap/Black Dial $128.00 $89.60 LMMTW2R36400
Trend with Swarovski 38mm Blue Leather Strap/Floral Dial $148.00 $103.60 LMMTW2R66400
34mm Navy Leather Strap/Navy Dial $128.00 $89.60 LMMTW2R36300
Brown Leather Croco Strap/Black Dial $118.00 $82.60 LMMTW2R86700
Brown Leather Strap/Silver-tone Dial $118.00 $82.60 LMMTW2R85600
Black Leather Croco Strap/Black Dial $118.00 $82.60 LMMTW2R86600
Mod44 Tan Leather Strap/Black Dial $126.00 $88.20 LMMTW2R64000
Mod44 Brown Leather Strap/Blue Dial $126.00 $88.20 LMMTW2R64200
Trend 36mm Rose Gold-Tone Case & Bracelet $128.00 $89.60 LMMTW2R28000
Tan Leather Strap/Black Dial $118.00 $82.60 LMMTW2R85700
Mod44 Black Leather Strap/Black Dial $126.00 $88.20 LMMTW2R64300
Brown Leather Strap/Blue Dial $118.00 $82.60 LMMTW2R85400
Mod44 Beige Leather Strap/White Dial $126.00 $88.20 LMMTW2R64100
Black Leather Strap/Black Dial $118.00 $82.60 LMMTW2R85500
Metropolitan 40mm Silver-tone Case Brown Leather/Blue Dial $128.00 $89.60 LMMTW2R49900
Brown Leather Croco Strap/Silver-tone Dial $118.00 $82.60 LMMTW2R85800
25mm Women's Tan Leather Strap/Silver-tone Dial $132.00 $92.40 LMMTW2R89500
Tan Leather Strap/Silver-tone Dial $118.00 $82.60 LMMTW2R87000



OB Silky Serum 2 (Blossom) 45ml $6.90 VHPOB0208
Klaime Hair Dryer 1200W $4.00 AUS264187
CO Cosline mask sheet pack (Aloe) $1.25 VHPCO0057
Mini Storage Bags $5.00 L259050
Face and Body Massage Roller $10.00 MLE262473
PAXMOLY​ Honey Mask $0.80 VHPPM003
CO Cosline mask sheet pack (Pomegranate) $1.25 VHPCO0082
Bellalussi HG Cleaning Foam 90g $7.00 VHPBL0004
CO Cosline mask sheet pack (Herb) $1.25 VHPCO0062
LANEIGE Time Freezing Firming Sleeping Mask $35.00 MLE256344
Black Repair Haiir Clinic Shampoo $12.00 VHPCO0152
PAXMOLY Tangerine Gel 300g $6.50 VHPPM007
CO Cosline mask sheet pack (Green Tea) $1.25 VHPCO0065
100% natural gluta complex $50.00 IVORYCAPS1
PRIVIA​ Acne Clinic Cleansing Foam $14.00 VHPPV0009
CO Cosline mask sheet pack (Cucumber) $1.25 VHPCO0063
Women's Shaving Hair Leg Removal Device $20.00 L263702
PAXMOLY​​​​​ Collagen Mask $0.80 VHPPM005
OB Silk Hair Lotion 400ml $9.80 VHPOB0068
Lip Sleeping Mask for All Skin $5.00 MLE264729



Hello Kitty USB Sockets Quick Charging Electrical Plugs $9.50 L262538
IphoneX Case $5.00 L262010
DAB+/FM Radio $20.00 AUS262406
KENZO Iphone Case $5.00 L264516
Cute Cartoon USB Cable for Mobile Phone Charging Data Line Protector $2.00 L262613
SONIQ Bluetooth Selfie Stick $12.00 AUS262403
Iphone Case KENZO Brand $5.00 L263574
Marley Get Together Mini Bluetooth $99.00 AUS262409
Portable Tripod Stand Holder for Smartphone $9.00 L262893
Dual Screen In Car Portable DVD Player 9 $69.00 AUS262408
សំបក ស្រោមទូរស័ព្ទ $1.50 CNP249062
5000mAh Mi Power Bank 2 9.9mm Aluminum Case $14.99 $9.99 MI263716
Big USB Enter Key Anti Stress Relief $6.75 L259049
Multi-Functional Sockets Quick Charging Electrical Plugs $8.50 L262540
Bookshelf Speakers With Bluetooth $75.00 AUS262412
Marley Bag Of Riddim Bluetooth $179.00 AUS262410
JAM Transit Life Bluetooth Wireless Headphone $49.00 AUS262407
Phone holder with clip $2.25 L257701
Waterproof Bag Phone Cases $1.99 L256606
Pendo Smart Watch X1 Bluetooth Pedometer Touchscreen $20.00 AUS-PENDOX1


HUAWEI NOVA 2i 5.9"FHD+ FullView,kirin 659 Octa-Core,4GB+64GB, Dual 16M+2M Main and 13M+2M Front $329.00 HWE256235
HUAWEI T3 PLUS 8"WXVGA,Quad-Core,2GB+16GB,5M+2M $189.00 HWE256245
Huawei E5573 WIFI 4G/LTE 10 users supported 6 Hours Surfing $75.00 HWE256247
HUAWEI Y5 2017 5"FHD,Quad-Core,2GB+16GB,8M+5M $115.00 HWE256240
HUAWEI T1 7 inches (8GB) 7"WSVGA,Quad-Core,1GB+8GB,2M+2M $99.00 HWE256246
Huawei Mate 10 Pro 6" OLED Fullview 6GB+128GB LEICA 20M+12M Dual 8M Front Camera $860.00 HWE256222
HUAWEI Y6 II 5.5"HD,Octa-Core,2GB+16GB,13M+8M $149.00 HWE256239
HUAWEI T3 10 INCHES 9.6"HD,QuadCore,2GB+16GB,5M+2M $269.00 HWE256242


Five Layers Lunch Box $8.00 L261986
Bath Stripe Towel $10.75 L262075
Clean Rubber gloves Home Laundry Dish-washing Waterproof Thickening Household $2.00 L261845
Chair Mat Seat Pad $4.50 L259051
Box Jewelry Ornaments Display $8.75 L257699
Kitchen bag sponge storage $1.75 L258684
Cute Pig Storage Box $9.00 L261978
Bag Cartoon Portable Lunch box $2.25 L257702
Stanley Marine Standard Shackle Padlock 30mm $1.50 AUS256308
Kitchen Waterproof Wallpaper Stickers $1.25 L256925
Garlic mincer $8.75 L257665
Bath Towel 70CMx140CM $5.99 L263527
Xiaomi Mi Motion Sensor Night Light $8.00 MI264725
Kitchen Plastic Bracket Garbage Rack $1.50 L258697
Make-up Storage Box $9.00 L259057
New Thick Antarctic Pure Cotton Bath Towel $13.00 L263159
Multi-Functional Bloody Clips Durable $3.50 L260214
Toothbrush and Toothpaste Holder Set Cups for bathroom $3.00 L256608
Bath Towel $9.00 L262078
New Thick Antarctic Pure Cotton Bath Towel $10.00 L263157


Play Dough Set, Cinema Snack Bar $11.00 MLE258114
Superman Jumping Ball Toy for Children $10.00 PD264635
Kids Doctor Play Set with Bag Toys $4.00 MLE262474
My Little Chef's Electric Cooker $11.50 MLE262061
Rolling Ball Toys Intelligence Training for Kids $10.00 MLE261124
Bambo Nature Baby Disposable Pull-Up Diaper Pants 5 From 12-20 Kg (20 Pieces) $9.50 BMB259281
Outdoor Sport Bowling Toys for Kid $9.00 L263286
Frozen Projector Watch $3.00 MLE260221
Yuniku Baby Disposable Pull-Up Diaper Pants $10.00 VBG263533
Animals Wooden Puzzle $5.00 MLE263825
Mamypoko Baby Disposable Pull-Up Diaper Pants $13.99 PAS263804
Drypers WeeWeeDry Baby Disposable Tape Diaper $11.50 DRP259104
Girl Plush Doll Toys with Hat $10.00 L263459
Drypers DryPantz Baby Disposable Pull-Up Diaper Pants $12.70 DRP258989
ខោអាវក្មេងតូច $7.00 L258937
Bambo Nature Baby Disposable Tape Diaper 2 From 3-6 Kg (30 Pieces) $7.50 BMB259264
Baby Hand Doll Toys $4.00 L258603
Deluxe Tool Set $11.00 MLE262065
Baby Girl Round Neck Stripe Bodysuits with Long Sleeve Knit Outerwear $15.00 CNK260793
K-MOM Natural Free Baby Wet Wipes $1.00 VNK260300


ម៉ាក ហ្ស័កកឺបឺក $3.13 B257650
សៀវភៅកម្រងវិញ្ញាសារប្រឡងសញ្ញាបត្រទី១២ថ្នាក់វិទ្យាសាស្រ្ត $2.40 PDH263960
អំពីបន្លែមត្តេយ្យសិក្សា $1.20 PDH264260
ពេលកង្កែបច្រៀងបឋមសិក្សា $1.20 PDH264255
ស្វែងរកចំណុចខ្លាំង $4.50 B257656
ទុំទាវមធ្យមទុ.ភូមិ $1.00 PDH2642602
ហ្វឹកហាត់គណិតវិទ្យាថ្នាក់ទី៥ $1.30 PDH264252
សរសេរតាមអាននិងតែងសេចក្តីថ្នាក់ទី៤ $1.30 PDH264251
សៀវភៅកម្រងវិញ្ញាសារប្រឡងសញ្ញាបត្រទី១២ថ្នាក់វិទ្យា-សង្គម $2.25 PDH263965
វាចាមាសពីសេតវិមាន $3.25 B257659
មានអ្វីនៅលើមត្តេយ្យសិក្សា $1.05 PDH2642601
កូនក្តាម និងកូនត្រីបឋមសិក្សា $1.20 PDH264253
សៀវភៅសរសេរតាមអាន និងតែងសេចក្តីថ្នាក់ទី៨ $1.85 PDH263961
My Home $1.00 B257572
សៀវភៅសរសេរតាមអាននិងតែងសេចក្តីថ្នាក់ទី៧ $1.10 PDH263962
ពីសីនិងកូនឆ្មារមត្តេយ្យសិក្សា $1.05 PDH264257
School $1.00 B257573
Vehicles $1.00 B257577
សៀវភៅសរសេរតាមអាននិងតែងសេចក្តីថ្នាក់ទី5 $1.30 PDH263966
វិធានការចាត់ការលើភាពតានតឹងសម្រាប់អ្នកដឹកនាំ $1.88 B257600


Car Mobile Navigation Holder $4.25 L258665
Car Mobile Navigation Holder Support Iphone6P $2.75 L258653
GULF ATF DX II(24x1L) $13.92 VDN258912
GULF EUROCOOL 50% (12x1L) $15.16 VDN258918
New Car Phone Holder Metal Gravity Bracket $7.00 L263223
Car Anti-Slip Pad $1.50 L258650
Car Outlet Bracket 360 Degree $3.50 L258656
Car Hook Chair Seat $1.75 L258651
Car Water Cup Holder $2.25 L258654
Car Cup and Phone Holder $3.25 L257713


ឈុតអាវជាប់ខោ $13.00 $7.80 CN251645
អាវសកពីលើស្ដើង $19.00 $11.40 CN246368
អាវដៃខ្លី $7.00 $4.90 CN254843
រ៉ូបដៃខ្លី $32.00 $16.00 VC79A
អាវយឺតអត់ក $13.00 $3.90 VCM02
អាវក្រាស់ហំ $32.00 $16.00 VCM5604
រ៉ូបអត់ដៃ $29.00 $17.40 MB246242
រ៉ូបដៃវែង $8.00 $4.00 YR253189
រ៉ូបវែង $30.00 $18.00 MB254933
រ៉ូបអត់ដៃ $20.00 $12.00 MB248062


Represents LITTLEFASHION on the web and is available for iOS and Android as an app called MBUY. L192.COM and MBUY host the largest online fashion collection for women, men, and children in Cambodia. Our team spend a great amount of time to carefully select items with great consideration of quality, affordability, and relevance. Just shop here at L192.COM to look and feel great!

L192.COM ហាងអនឡាញឈានមុខគេ

ជាគេហទំព័ររបស់ហាងលីថលហើយក៏មានវត្ដមានសម្រាប់ iOSនិង Android តាមរយៈកម្មវិធី MBUY។ គេហទំព័រ L192.COM ប្រមូលផ្ដុំម៉ូតច្រើនជាងគេសម្រាប់ ស្ដ្រី បុរស និងក្មេងនៅកម្ពុជា។ ក្រុមការងារ L192.COM ចំណាយពេលច្រើនជ្រើសរើសម៉ូតដែលមានគុណភាពខ្ពស់ តម្លៃសមរម្យ និង ទាន់សម័យ ទិញម៉ូតសម្លៀកបំពាក់នៅ L192.COM ដើម្បីភាពទាន់សម័យនិងទំនុកចិត្តក្នុងខ្លួន។


Just be at your comfortable place and shop from your screen. Our fashion savvy staffs are ready to assist you at any waking time 7 days/week on social pages and phone. Our delivery team can reach you under one hour in most places in Phnom Penh and less than a day in most places in the provinces. Be at your home, your school, workplace, or anywhere. We will reach you. Delivery is free!!! Payment is easy and secure. You can pay on delivery. You can pay through any e-payment service in Cambodia. Install mBuy to get notifications of fashion. Don't miss any fashion updates and hey, we have FLASH DEALS every day! Whenever and wherever at L192.COM! We have been the first and best.


គ្រាន់តែនៅមួយកន្លែងនិងរើសទំនិញពីស្រ្គីន បុគ្គលិក L192.COM រងចាំជួយអ្នកជានិច្ចតាមទំព័របណ្ដាញសង្គមនិង តាមទូរស័ព្ទរាល់ម៉ោងរាល់ថ្ងៃ។ ក្រុមដឹកជញ្ជូនអាចទៅដល់អ្នក ភ្លាមៗក្នុងមួយម៉ោងនៅក្នុងក្រុងនិងមិនដល់មួយថ្ងៃផងនៅតាមខេត្ត នានា។ សេវាដឹកជញ្ជូនមិនគិតថ្លៃ ការបង់ប្រាក់ងាយស្រួល អាចបង់តាមអ្នកដឹក ឬ តាមរាល់សេវាកម្ម EPAYMENTនៅកម្ពុជា។ បញ្ចូលកម្មវិធី mBuy ដើម្បីទទួលម៉ូតថ្មីៗនៅលើស្រ្គីនអ្នក ហើយទទួលបានដំណឹងបញ្ចុះតម្លៃពិសេសៗមុនគេ។ ទិញតាម L192.COM បានគ្រប់ពេលនិងនៅគ្រប់កន្លែង! ក្រុមយើងខ្ញុំជាក្រុមដំបូងគេក្នុងវិស័យនេះនិងជាក្រុមឈានមុខគេ។


Ladies, your body needs an outfit? Your hands need a bag? Your feet need a pair of shoes? Gentlemen, dress shirts? T-shirts? Pants? Shoes, belts and wallets? We have all your needs for any occasion and purpose. We follow fashion trends every hour and listen to your feedback. We select the best for you from top international design brands as well local brands. Your body and face need care. We have beauty products ready to be delivered to you. You need glittering, great sound, and time in fashion. We have jewelries, speakers, and watches. Tell us what you need!


បងប្អូននារីៗ ត្រូវការមួយឈុត? ត្រូវការកាបូប? ត្រូវការស្បែកជើង? បងប្អូនបុរសៗ ត្រូវការអាវ? ខោ? ស្បែកជើង ខ្សែក្រវា៉ត់ និង កាបូបលុយ? L192.COM មានទាំងអស់សម្រាប់គ្រប់ឱកាស និងគោលបំណង។ ក្រុម L192.COM តាមដានម៉ូតរាល់ម៉ោងនិង ទទួលយោបលពីអតិថិជនរបស់ខ្លួន ហើយ ជ្រើសយកម៉ូតពីប្រេន អន្ដរជាតិនិងក្នុងស្រុកដែលមានគុណភាពខ្ពស់និងទាន់សម័យ។ L192.COM ក៏មានផលិតផលសម្រាប់ថែរក្សាសម្រស់អ្នក ដែលអាចដឹកដល់កន្លែងភ្លាមៗ មិនបាច់ទៅផ្សាទំនើប ហើយក៏មានគ្រឿងអលការ speakers និងនាលិកាជំនួញដល់ជីវិតទាន់សម័យរបស់លោកអ្នក។