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Docolor-professional Set With Bag

#EBU514486 គ្រឿង Make-up Brand: Docolor Cambodia

$65.00 App Only

  • 1 Brush Set for all Look】With the 5 bigger and the 10 precision brushes makeup lovers from professional to amateur level will be able to do eye shadow, brows, lips, and complexion perfectly.
  • 【Value Set】Rose Gold Stylish Design, All brushes are made with natural goat hair and synthetic hair, premium bristles will create a fluffy and beautiful appearance, with the softest touch and super grasping powder capacity.
  • 【Multipurpose Brushes】The professional make up brush set has a variety of brushes for almost any type of makeup and applications, such as creams, powders, foundation, concealers and liquids.
  • 【Perfect Precision】Achieve flawless and precise coverage with the soft yet firm bristles of the Docolor makeup brushes that are ideal for sensitive skin; you will never want to use another brand!
  • 【Gorgeous Package】All these cute 15pcs cosmetic brushes are packed in a portable, cute & multifunctional cosmetic zipper bag for protecting, storing, or carrying to anywhere, a good container for all your sets
  • ជក់ប្រ៊ែនអាមេរិកDocolor-ឈុតឈុតមាន២៩ដើមនិងកាបូបដាក់ជក់ ធានារូបរាងនៅក្រៅដូចក្នុងរូប។ជក់ប្រ៊ែនអាមេរិកDocolorសរសៃ​ជក់​ទន់​ក្រាស់​ស្មើ​ មិនងាយជ្រុះ​មិនចាក់ស្បែកនាំអោយរមាស់ឬឡើងរោល​ ងាយស្រួល​ក្នុង​ការ​ផាត់មុខ។

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