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3pcs Garden LED Floating Light Pond For Pool Solar Powered Outdoor Waterproof Party

#TOK507944 ភ្លើងបំភ្លឺក្រៅផ្ទះ Selected by LITTLEFASHION

$10.00 App Only

  • Description
  • Ultra bright 7 color automatically changes, create a unique lighting experience in your garden.
  • Solar-powered floating lamp, automatic sensor activates at dusk.
  • Can work as floating on the water and hanging on the tree.
  • ON/OFF switch placed on the bottom of the floating lamp, energy-saving and environment-friendly.
  • Great decoration for garden, yard, park, tree, floating on pond, lake, swimming pool, fish tank, and other outdoors.
  • Specification:
  • Type: solar light
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Color (lighting): colorful, warm yellow, 5pcs colorful, 6pcs warm yellow, 3pcs Colorful, 3pcs Warm Yellow
  • Battery: built-in 600mAh battery
  • Solar panel: 2V/60mA
  • Diameter: 10cm
  • Power source type: solar, battery
  • Instructions: For the first time using, the white waterproof button switch under the spherical lamp is put on
  • (press the position, it is "on"). It will be exposed to the sun during the day (charging) and will glow automatically
  • at night, 6 hours charging in the sun, 6 to 8 hours of light;
  • (For the first time using , remember to press this switch, press it to open, solar panel upward, install toward sun)
  • Package Included :
  • 3pcs x solar-powered floating pool lights
  • Note:
  • 1. Due to the light and screen difference, the item's color may be slightly different from the pictures.
  • 2. Please allow 1-3cm differences due to manual measurement.
  • 3. Please fully charge the device under sunlight before first use.
  • 4. If there is no enough sunlight in 3 months, the battery may run completely flat, and will decrease battery life, so please charge in time.
  • Once it's fully charged, unlock the device and lighting system. Otherwise, it won't work anymore.
  • 5. If there is no enough sunlight, especial in North countries. it may take longer time to fully charge the device.
  • This is very normal for solar products.
  • 描述
  • 超亮7种颜色会自动更改,在您的花园中创造独特的照明体验。
  • 太阳能浮灯,黄昏时自动感应器启动。
  • 可以像漂浮在水上和挂在树上一样工作。
  • ON / OFF开关位于浮灯的底部,节能环保。
  • 用于花园,院子,公园,树木,漂浮在池塘,湖泊,游泳池,鱼缸和其他户外场所的绝佳装饰。
  • 规范:
  • 类型:太阳能灯
  • 材质:ABS塑料
  • 颜色(灯光):彩色,暖黄色,5个彩色,6个暖黄色,3个彩色,3个暖黄色
  • 电池:内置600mAh电池
  • 太阳能板:2V / 60mA
  • 直径:10厘米
  • 电源类型:太阳能,电池
  • 说明:首次使用时,球形灯下方的白色防水按钮开关已接通
  • (按此位置,它为“开”)。白天将其暴露在阳光下(充电中)并自动发光
  • 晚上,在阳光下充电6个小时,在光照下6到8个小时;
  • (首次使用时,请记住按此开关,将其打开,将太阳能电池板朝上,朝太阳安装)
  • 套餐包括 :
  • 3个x太阳能浮动泳池灯
  • 注意:
  • 1.由于光线和屏幕的差异,该项目的颜色可能与图片略有不同。
  • 2.由于手工测量,请允许1-3cm的差异。
  • 3.首次使用前,请在阳光下给设备充满电。
  • 4.如果三个月内没有足够的阳光,电池可能会完全没电,并会缩短电池寿命,因此请及时充电。
  • 充满电后,请解锁设备和照明系统。否则,它将不再起作用。
  • 5.如果没有足够的阳光,尤其是在北方国家。给设备充满电可能需要更长的时间。
  • 对于太阳能产品,这是非常正常的。

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