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LHC4152PIK - L&L Twister Tumbler 450ml

#LOO506274 ពែងនិងកំប៉ុងទឹកពេលបាយ Brand: LOCK&LOCK

$25.00 App Only

  • Lock & Lock Twister Tumbler 450ml Pink [LHC4152PIK] 1. Thermostat Twister Tumbler with special swirl cap design, outstanding color, brings a youthful, dynamic feeling when using. 2. 3-layer lid, for outstanding heat retention. The vortex design, rubberized surface, creates grip, makes it easy to open the lid. 3. The top of the lid and body of the bottle have the same color, creating a uniform, trendy look for the product. 4. The lid is made of PP plastic, safe for health. Has an effective leak-proof silicone seal. 5. Inside and outside the tank are made from high-grade 304 stainless steel, highly durable and hygienic. 6. The inside of the flask is treated with copper coating, for outstanding heat retention effect. 7.The bottle is slim, easy to put in the basket and carry. 8.Colors are youthful, prominent and fresh. * INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: 1. Do not use it for purposes other than heat retention. 2. Put the silicone seal in place before use. 3. Avoid strong impact. 4. Do not use in microwave and dishwasher. 5. Keep out of reach of children. 6. Milk, dairy products and juices can go rancid when left in the bottle for too long, and may damage the jar 7. Do not contain too much water beyond the lower part of the cap. 8. Place the jar upright before opening the lid. If the flask is tilted, hot water may overflow, causing burns. 9. The lid may deform when added to boiling water. 10. Seal the bottle tightly after adding water to take away. Move or shake vigorously, being careful of hot water splashing out when opening the lid. 12. Wash the jar before and after use. 13. Do not clean the product with rough objects such as iron bun, nylon bun and strong detergent.

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