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HLW182PIK - Memory Foam Kids Neck Pillow, 22*21*7cm, 140g - Pink

#LOO504944 ខ្នើយធ្វើដំណើរ Brand: LOCK&LOCK

$13.90 App Only

  • Memory foam pillow for kids pink HLW182PIK product announcement - brand: Lock & Lock - Model: HLW182BLU Memory Foam baby pillow, the material is better than adult's neck pillow! Very soft without worrying about tearing, the design is very lovely! - Materials: High quality Memory Foam active foam, covered with 100% Polyester fabric. - Size: 220x210x70mm - Weight: 164gram - Characteristics: Give your baby a good night's sleep on each train trip, car. Low deodorizing active foam materials, help reduce the pressure of the body while sleeping, control shoulder security .. Note when consuming: - Do not wash by washing machine. - Do not use bleach, should not be exposed to direct sunlight or high humidity. - Do not dry clean or dry, do not use iron. # pillow # baby pillow # high-grade pillow # pillow # pillow # room # pillow

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