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T2 Lifting Tea Ampoule Mask

#MSB503979 ម៉ាស់មុខ Brand: Cosmetea

$23.00   $20.70 App Only

  • Ampoule Full Facial Masks: COSMETEA enhances vital energy of skin by blending the pure plant energy presented by the mother nature with harmony and balance completed for centuries with tea water and tea extract that are processed through low temperature high pressure technique in unique technology.
  • Wrinkle Lifting: The active component of T2 mask is damask rose water, black tea extract, peptide 5 complex, Adenosine, and helps wrinkle care with strong lifting effect by supplying nutrition to wrinkled and rough skin with rose tea blending complex and 5 types of peptide.
  • T2 Essence Mask: A high enriched , equivalent to five bottles of ampoule, is contained in one mask pack.
  • Mask material with unique cut, has good adhesive to skin and improve essence absorption for long lasting effect.
  • Cosmetea T2 Lifting Tea Ampoule Mask :
  • #សម្រាប់ស្បែកមុខអ្នកដែលស្ងួតនិងជ្រីវជ្រួញ
  • -ព្យាបាលស្បែកដែលស្ងួតនិងជ្រីវជ្រួញ
  • -ជួយបំប៉នស្បែកមុខនិងថែរក្សាសុខភាពស្បែកមុខ
  • -កំចាត់ចោលបាក់តេរីនិងសារធាតុកង្វក់ចេញពីផ្ទៃមុខ
  • -ជួយធ្វេីអោយមុខស្រស់ថ្លា
  • -ជួយអោយមុខសរភ្លឺម៉ត់រលោង

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