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Dinosaur String Lights Animal Shaped Copper Wire Night Light 1.65M 10LED Battery Operated Decoration Lamp For Child Bedroom Party Birthday Christmas Holiday

#DRE484053 អំពូល LED Selected by LITTLEFASHION

$8.59   $8.16 App Only

Membership Price: $8.16 (Save 5%)
  • Features:
  • 1. 【Cute Dinosaur Lights】--Made of high quality materials, lightweight and reusable. 1.65m/64.96inch long with 10 mini dinosaurs led lights.
  • 2. 【Convenient and Safe】--Low power consumption, durable and easy to install. Flexible wire can be blended into various shapes. You could use it anywhere as you need.
  • 3. 【Battery Powered】--Powered by 2 AA batteries (Not Included), is low voltage, non-polluting and environmentally friendly. The animal string light has two modes (ON/OFF), no flashing mode. Warm white light does not harm eyes, you will be like it.
  • 4. 【Perfect Gift】--Lovely dinosaur string lights hung in your home, create excellent illumination and soft warm atmosphere. Practical and durable, it is an ideal gift for your family, friends, classmates, also for baby kids’ birthday gift, party gift, wedding gift, Christmas gift, Children’s Day gift, or holidays festivals gift, etc.
  • 5. 【Indoor and Outdoor Use】--Great indoor decoration for living room, bedroom, baby room, kitchen, dining room or other rooms, shopping malls, hotels, supermarkets, stores, party, wedding, Christmas, holidays, etc. Copper wire is IP42 certified waterproof so can be used in outdoor to withstand light rain or water spills (but battery box is not fully waterproof, be carefully when use in outdoors).
  • Specification:
  • Material: Plastic
  • Dinosaur Size: 8 x 6cm/3.15 x 2.36inch
  • Length: 1.65m/64.96inch
  • LED Quanity: 10leds
  • Battery Operated: 2 x AA batteries (Not Included)
  • Package: 1 x Dinosaur String Light
  • 特点:
  • 1. 【可爱的恐龙灯】——由优质材料制成,重量轻,可重复使用。1.65米/64.96英寸长,配有10个迷你恐龙led灯
  • 2. 【方便安全】——低功耗,经久耐用,安装方便。柔韧的电线可以混合成各种形状。你可以在任何你需要的地方使用它
  • 3.【电池供电】——2节AA电池(不含)供电,低电压,无污染,环保。动物串灯有开/关两种模式,无闪烁模式。温暖的白光不会伤害眼睛,你会喜欢的
  • 4. 【完美的礼物】可爱的恐龙串灯悬挂在您的家中,营造出极佳的照明和柔和温馨的氛围。实用耐用,是送给家人、朋友、同学的理想礼物,也是宝宝的生日礼物、聚会礼物、结婚礼物、圣诞礼物、儿童节礼物、节假日礼物等
  • 5. 【适用于室内外】-适合客厅、卧室、婴儿房、厨房、餐厅或其他房间、商场、酒店、超市、商场、派对、婚礼、圣诞节、节假日等室内装饰。铜线经过IP42防水认证,可在户外使用,防小雨或水溢出(但电池盒不是完全防水,在户外使用时要小心)
  • 规格:
  • 材料:塑料
  • 恐龙尺寸:8 x 6厘米/3.15 x 2.36英寸
  • 长度:1.65米/ 64.96英寸
  • 灯的数量:10 LED
  • 使用电池:2节AA电池(不含)
  • 包装:1个恐龙灯串

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