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Yoga Blocks High Density EVA Foam Blocks Soft Non-Slip Surface Exercise Fitness Sport FMeditation Pilates Stretching

#FIE484043 ឧបករណ៍តាមដានសកម្មភាពហាត់ប្រាណ Selected by LITTLEFASHION

$6.60   $5.28 App Only

Membership Price: $5.28 (Save 20%)
  • specification:
  • Size: 23cmx15cmx7.5cm
  • Material: EVA
  • Packing list:1 * EVA yoga mat
  • Features:
  • 1. Durable lightweight foam: These lightweight support foam blocks are made of durable foam, with a non-slip surface and sloped edges, which are easy to grasp
  • 2. Stability + balance: Yoga mats can provide the stability and balance needed in practice to help with optimal alignment, deeper postures and increased strength
  • 3. Features: non-slip, waterproof, soft and crack resistant, convenient and durable, and can perform various special actions step by step
  • 4. Stretching exercise + deep stretching exercise: Obstacles become ideal yoga props and companions, because they are important tools in practice, which help to extend, support and deepen stretching exercises, while also increasing the range of motion.

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