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Niye Wireless Mouse Mute Macaron Color Matching Fashionable Rechargeable Adjustable DPI Mouse Portable Business Office Laptop Universal

#NIY409735 ការិយាល័យអេឡិចត្រូនិក Selected by LITTLEFASHION

$6.50   $3.90 App Only

  • Welcome to Niye Mall
  • All products in our store will be tested by professional department before shipment
  • 【After placing an order】
  • 【Phnom Penh area】: received within 4 hours
  • 【Within Cambodia】: received within 2 days
  • If you encounter quality problems, please contact us immediately
  • Company vision: "Committed to creating a better user experience so that more users can use the most cost-effective products."
  • Product name: wireless macaron mouse
  • Color classification: blue pink black
  • Product Category: Rechargeable Edition
  • Product size: 105 * 56 * 27.5mm
  • Product weight: 60.6g
  • Connection mode: 2.4G
  • Connect compatible devices: all computers with USB, mobile phones and iPads need OTG adapter
  • DPI adjustment: 800DPI-1200DPI-1600DPI
  • Charging method: USB charging
  • Charging time: 2 hours
  • Indicator light: charging blue light, full off light
  • Usage time
  • Work continuously for about 100 hours
  • Split to 8 hours per day
  • Accurately estimated 12.5 days
  • Considering that it is not used every moment of 8 hours,
  • When not in use, it will automatically consume energy and save energy. It can be concluded that it will last for about half a month.
  • Feature
  • 1. Macarons are colorful and have high fashion value
  • 2. Silent operation of mute button
  • 3. Rechargeable version
  • 4. Three levels of DPI adjustment, suitable for various situations
  • 5. Suitable for compatible USB devices on the market
  • Instructions for use
  • Charge for 3 hours for the first use
  • 1. After the blue light is fully charged, slide the power button to ON at the bottom of the mouse to turn on the mouse
  • 2. Take out the mouse receiver from the bottom of the mouse and insert the usb receiver into the usb port of the computer or notebook. Generally, the computer will have a pop-up window prompting the installation to be successful. If there is no response or it prompts that the installation failed, please re-insert it several times or download the driver wizard to update the driver.
  • 3. Wait 5-10 seconds for the device to automatically adapt before it can be used normally.
  • Package includes
  • Macaron mouse*1
  • Wireless receiver (at the bottom of the mouse)*1
  • 0.25M Micro USB charging cable*1
  • 欢迎来到Niye购物中心
  • 我们商店中的所有产品将在发货前经过专业部门的测试
  • 【下订单后】
  • 【金边地区】:4小时内收到
  • 【柬埔寨内】:2天内收到
  • 如果您遇到质量问题,请立即与我们联系
  • 公司愿景:“致力于创造更好的用户体验,使更多的用户可以使用最具成本效益的产品。”
  • 产品名称:无线马卡龙鼠标
  • 颜色分类:蓝色粉色黑色
  • 产品类别:充电版
  • 产品尺寸:105 * 56 * 27.5mm
  • 产品重量:60.6g
  • 连接方式:2.4G
  • 连接兼容的设备:所有带有USB,移动电话和iPad的计算机都需要OTG适配器
  • DPI调整:800DPI-1200DPI-1600DPI
  • 充电方式:USB充电
  • 充电时间:2小时
  • 指示灯:充电蓝灯,全灭灯
  • 使用时间
  • 连续工作约100小时
  • 每天拆分为8个小时
  • 准确估算12.5天
  • 考虑到不是每8小时使用一次,
  • 不使用时,它将自动消耗能量并节省能量。可以得出结论,它将持续大约半个月。
  • 特征
  • 1.马卡龙色彩丰富,具有很高的时尚价值
  • 2.静音按钮静音操作
  • 3.充电版
  • 4. DPI调整的三个级别,适用于各种情况
  • 5.适用于市场上兼容的USB设备
  • 使用说明
  • 首次使用需充电3个小时
  • 1.蓝光充满电后,将鼠标底部的电源按钮滑动到“开”以打开鼠标
  • 2.从鼠标底部取出鼠标接收器,然后将USB接收器插入计算机或笔记本计算机的USB端口。通常,计算机将有一个弹出窗口,提示安装成功。如果没有响应或提示安装失败,请重新插入几次或下载驱动程序向导以更新驱动程序。
  • 3.等待5到10秒钟,设备会自动适应,然后才能正常使用。
  • 包裹包括
  • Macaron鼠标* 1
  • 无线接收器(位于鼠标底部)* 1
  • 0.25M Micro USB充电线* 1

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