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#ENS393757 ម៉ាស៊ីនបូមធូលី Selected by LITTLEFASHION

$6.50 App Only

  • Product Name: Mini Desktop Vacuum Cleaner
  • Material: abs
  • Style: as shown
  • Specification: 105*70*85mm
  • Power supply: AA battery (two pieces)
  • Weight: 139g
  • Quantity: 1
  • Features:
  • 1. Wide application range: Easily complete dust removal work on office desks, furniture surfaces, student homework, computer keyboards, car cushions, etc., cleanly;
  • 2. Strong suction power: using two AA batteries, the improved design of the small turbine direct suction port is equipped with a strong magnetic 9700 rpm high-speed motor, as small as soot, cake crumbs, rubber residue, hair shreds, etc., as large as rice and paper scraps Waiting for nothing to hide;
  • 3. Fashionable and beautiful: Long-term display on the table, pleasing to the eye! Completely get rid of the embarrassing feeling of "sassafras the tabletop falling to the ground, the surface is cleaned and the water is black";
  • 4. Convenient removal: Just gently press the bottom cover and pour it into the trash can once, which completely avoids the hygienic hazards caused by the second flying of dust caused by cleaning the environment around the desktop;
  • 5. Excellent quality: Not only are the raw materials superior, but the fans and motors are all tested to the dynamic balance inspection standard selected for the manufacture of medical equipment before leaving the factory;
  • 6. A model of utility model gifts, a new image in small gifts gifts!
  • 产品名称:迷你台式吸尘器
  • 材质:腹肌
  • 风格:如图
  • 规格:105 * 70 * 85mm
  • 电源:AA电池(两节)
  • 重量:139克
  • 数量:1
  • 特征:
  • 1.广泛的应用范围:轻松干净地完成办公桌,家具表面,学生作业,计算机键盘,汽车坐垫等上的除尘工作;
  • 2.强大的吸力:采用两节AA电池,改进的小型涡轮直接吸口设计配备了9700 rpm的强磁高速电机,如烟灰,蛋糕屑,橡胶残留物,碎屑等。像米饭和纸屑一样大,什么也没有藏起来;
  • 3.时尚美观:可长期摆放在桌子上,赏心悦目!完全摆脱了“ assa落到地面,表面被清洁,水呈黑色”的尴尬感;
  • 4.清除方便:只需轻轻按一下底盖,然后将其倒入垃圾桶一次,即可完全避免由于清洁桌面周围的环境而产生第二次扬尘而造成的卫生危害;
  • 5.优良的品质:不仅原材料优越,而且风机和电动机在出厂前都经过了为制造医疗设备而选择的动平衡检查标准的测试;
  • 6.实用新型礼品模型,小礼品中的新形象礼品!

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