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Tablet Stand

#SAA387897 គ្រឿង Tablet Selected by LITTLEFASHION

$16.60 App Only

  • Features:
  • 100% brand new and high quality!
  • Provides you with a safe and secure mount for your tablet PC, Phone.
  • Makes your tablet PC, Phone at an easy-to-read angle, allowing you to watch movies,view photos or type in a more comfortable position.
  • Makes it convenient to enjoy yourself at bed, on beach or anywhere you want -- you can read and watch at any place.
  • Easy to bring -- After use,you can lossen the handle before folding and then begin folding according to opening in the reverse direction and then put into your bag.
  • It is the legs that make the table so unique: with its adjustable auto-locking joints that rotate around 360 degrees it can hold things in a variety of configurations -- It provides a most comfortable typing angle and reduces neck and shoulder stress thanks to its unique design and shape.
  • Specifications:
  • Angle scope: -40°- 280°
  • Height scope: 27-38 cm
  • Height adjustment: Botton, grade 6
  • Inner width: 52 cm
  • Width for iPad: ≤24.5cm
  • Folded size: 9.7 x7.0x40.3 cm
  • Package size: 95x70x400mm
  • Weight: 500g
  • Attention:
  • This product is structured by aluminum ally and plastic, it is fixed once the handle is screwed. While the handle is screwed and the sleeve is pushed downwards, any motion to fold will cause the stand locked and the system damaged.
  • Please loosen the handle before folding, otherwise you'll damage the product, any damage caused by this, our company can't guarantee repair.
  • The front and the lock of the stand are both suitable for iPad, users could try the front and the back for your comfortable need.
  • Instructions:
  • Try the opening and folding;
  • Turn the turning tie-tie as the center of circle -- open the stand until it is automatically locked;
  • Open the button and draw the folded parts downwards.
  • Push downwards the sleeves to make the folded parts of the stand fixed.
  • Use the same method to open and lock;
  • Loosen the clip by ratating and put in an for iPad / any tablet and mobile phone;
  • Fix the tablet/ cellphone, then lock the clip;
  • Rotate the for i
  • 特点:
  • 100%全新,高品质!为您的平板电脑,手机提供安全可靠的安装。
  • 让你的平板电脑,手机在一个容易阅读的角度,让你看电影,看照片或打字更舒服的位置。
  • 在床上、沙滩上或任何你想去的地方,你都可以在任何地方阅读和观看。
  • 易于携带——在使用后,您可以在折叠之前将手柄损失,然后根据打开的反向方向开始折叠,然后放入您的包中。
  • 它的腿让桌子变得如此独特:它的可调节的自动锁定关节旋转360度,它可以容纳各种各样的配置——它提供了一个最舒适的打字角度,并且由于它独特的设计和形状,它可以减少颈部和肩部的压力。
  • 规格:
  • 角范围:-40°- 280°
  • 高度范围:27-38厘米
  • 高度调整:波顿,6年级
  • 内部宽度:iPad 52厘米
  • 宽:≤24.5厘米
  • 折叠大小:9.7 x7.0x40.3厘米
  • 包大小:95 x70x400mm
  • 重量:500克
  • 注意:本产品是由铝合金结构和塑料制成,它是固定的,一旦处理是完蛋了。
  • 当手柄被拧紧,袖子被向下推时,任何折叠的动作都会导致支架被锁定,系统受损。
  • 请在折叠前松开手柄,否则会损坏产品,造成任何损坏,本公司无法保证维修。
  • 支架的正面和锁都适用于iPad,用户可以尝试前面和后面的舒适需求。
  • 说明:尝试打开和折叠;将旋转领带作为圆的中心,打开支架直到它被自动锁定;打开按钮,向下画折叠的部分。
  • 把袖子往下推,使支架的折叠部分固定。
  • 使用相同的方法打开和锁定;松开夹扣,放入iPad /任何平板电脑和手机;固定平板/手机,然后锁定剪辑;在交叉管道周围旋转iPad,然后旋转手柄,以合适的角度固定iPad;在工作中,如果你需要将iPad调整到最低高度,将袖子向上推,使其折叠和保持,这可以在课堂上使用;使用后请先松开手柄,然后再折叠,然后根据打开的方法开始折叠,以逆向操作,最后放入袋子。
  • 包装清单:
  • 1个可折叠的工作台支架,平板支架,iPad平板支架,请允许2-3厘米的差异,因为不同的手工测量。
  • (1英寸= 2.54厘米)。
  • 颜色的变化可能是由于不同的显示设置。
  • 我们保证样式和图片中显示的一样,但是在不同的物体上的性能和模型上的不一样。
  • 谢谢你!

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