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Silkworm Cocoons Ball Facial Cleanser Exfoliating Scrub Black Head Remover Peel Of 5pcs Natural

#CLR386512 ព្យាបាលមុន Selected by LITTLEFASHION

$1.30 App Only

  • Features:
  • Your skin looks younger and come to be smooth as silk.
  • Silk Cocoon has plenty of moisturizing factor of Silk Protein & Sericin
  • There are 12 amino acids in silk useful with any skin type and age, It conditions to improves flexibility and quickens the healing of surface injury to the skin, helping to heal chapped skin reduces skin wrinkling and helps prevent skin damage from dust, paint, acid alkali, UV cut, anti oxidize,active collagen, anti - Inflammation
  • Silk is the most famous natural material with the protein, a compound filled with amino acids that are very similar to those found in your skin. The silk can make skin become more beautiful, eliminate the dark skin spots and can also cure the suppurative skin disease.
  • Step 1 - Wash the silk cocoons with warm water before using;
  • Step 2 - Soak silk cotton into 60 'C hot water 2-3 minutes to make it soft.
  • Step 3 - Scrub face gently when cotton surface come to soft.(Do not scrub strongly)
  • Step 4 - After use, wash with water and keep it dry in the room. Start with soaking again when you'll use again.
  • One cocoon will be available (to be used) about 5 times repeatedly.
  • package:5pcs
  • 特征:
  • 您的皮肤看起来更年轻,变得像丝绸一样光滑。
  • 蚕茧具有丰富的蚕丝蛋白和丝胶蛋白保湿因子
  • 蚕丝中含有12种氨基酸,适用于任何皮肤类型和年龄,可以改善柔韧性并加快皮肤表面损伤的愈合,有助于治愈healing裂的皮肤,减少皮肤起皱,并防止灰尘,油漆,酸对皮肤的伤害碱,抗紫外线,抗氧化,活性胶原,抗发炎
  • 丝绸是蛋白质中最著名的天然材料,这种蛋白质中填充的氨基酸与皮肤中的氨基酸非常相似。蚕丝可以使皮肤变得更美丽,消除黑斑,还可以治愈化脓性皮肤病。
  • 步骤1-使用前用温水洗蚕茧;
  • 步骤2-将丝绸棉浸入60'C热水中2-3分钟以使其柔软。
  • 第3步-当棉布表面变柔软时,轻轻擦洗脸部(不要用力擦洗)
  • 步骤4-使用后,请用水冲洗并保持房间干燥。再次使用时,请先重新浸泡。
  • 一只茧将重复出现(使用)约5次。
  • 包装:5个

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