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Natural Ginseng Eye Mask For Eliminating Wrinkles Black Eye And Extra Fat/60pcs

#CLR386508 គូជុំវិញរង្វង់ភ្នែក Selected by LITTLEFASHION

$7.60 App Only

  • Description:
  • Start your day with a moisture boost and quench your skin's thirst. DARALIS Ginseng Eye Mask is simply formulated using high quality. We ensure high quality eye cream products and exquisite craftsmanship. DARALIS Ginseng Eye Mask immediately dissolves into the skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Features:
  • 1. DARALIS Natural Ginseng Eye Mask moisturize and hydrate under eye skin while fighting signs of aging.
  • 2. This excellent qualitied Ginseng Eye Mask are made of natural ginseng fruit extract which could heighten elasticity of eye rim.
  • 3. Moisturizing eye mask, effectively dilute dark circles, eye fine lines and eliminate eye bags and many other problems of eye areas.
  • 4. These natural skin care products provide revitalizing nutrients and anti-oxidants that help keep your skin beautiful and ageless.
  • 5. Delicate shiny texture, easy to absorb.
  • Specifications:
  • Item Type: Ginseng Eye Mask
  • Package Weigh: Approx.186.9g
  • NET WT: 84g
  • Item Lenght: Approx.8 x 8 x 4cm / 3.1 x 3.1 x 1.6in
  • Main Ingredients: Calendula Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Oilves Extract, etc.
  • Package Included:
  • 1 x 60pcs Ginseng Eye Mask
  • Direction For Use:
  • Attach the patch under eyes with spatula. After 15~20 minutes detach the patch and tap with your finger for absorption.
  • Note:
  • Use as directed and avoid contact with eyes. If product gets into eyes, flush with water. Discontinue use if redness or irritation occurs. Consult with your physician if you are allergic to cosmetics.
  • 描述:
  • 通过增加水分来开始新的一天,消除皮肤的口渴。 DARALIS人参眼膜采用优质配方。我们确保高质量的眼霜产品和精湛的工艺。 DARALIS人参眼膜可立即溶解在皮肤中,减少皱纹的出现。
  • 特征:
  • 1. DARALIS天然人参眼膜可在眼睛皮肤下滋润补水,同时对抗衰老迹象。
  • 2.此优质人参眼膜由天然人参果提取物制成,可增强眼缘的弹性。
  • 3.保湿眼膜,有效淡化黑眼圈,眼部细纹,消除眼袋和其他眼部问题。
  • 4.这些天然的护肤产品可提供活化的营养和抗氧化剂,有助于保持皮肤美丽和持久。
  • 5.细腻有光泽的质地,易于吸收。
  • 规格:
  • 产品类型:人参眼膜
  • 包装重量:约186.9g
  • 净重:84g
  • 物品长度:约8 x 8 x 4cm / 3.1 x 3.1 x 1.6in
  • 主要成分:金盏花提取物,透明质酸,油类提取物等
  • 套餐包括:
  • 1 x 60pcs人参眼膜
  • 使用指南:
  • 用抹刀将补丁贴在眼睛下面。 15〜20分钟后,取下贴剂并用手指轻拍吸收。
  • 注意:
  • 按指示使用,避免与眼睛接触。如果产品进入眼睛,请用水冲洗。如果发红或发炎,请停止使用。如果您对化妆品过敏,请咨询您的医生。

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