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ប្រដាប់គៀបមួរសក់រួញ Multifunctional Two-in-one Hair Divider Comb Straight Hair & Curly Hair Dual-purpose Salon Professional Hair Beauty

#MIM384537 ផលិតផលធ្វើម៉ូតសក់ Selected by LITTLEFASHION

$14.90   $13.41 App Only

  • Description:
  • 【2 IN 1 HAIR STRAIGHTENER AND CURLER】The hair straighteners can be used as both a flat iron and curling iron,
  • could meet all your needs, different temperature settings (100℃-230℃) for all hair types.
  • 【UNIQUE DESIGN】Compared to other hair straightener, Our hair straightener's unique curved
  • and spring-loaded styling plates design makes the curling speed up to 2 times faster.
  • And the design of ceramic coating is kinder to hair cuticles, helps to prevent frizz and tames fly-away hair.
  • 【INSTANTLY HEAT UP AND AUTO SHUT-OFF】It heats up quickly in 15 seconds
  • and the variable heat settings are perfect for achieving the desired style, save your time.
  • Automatic safety shutdown after 60 minutes. Thanks to the smart memory function,
  • the Curl & Straight Confidence Straightener remember the last selected setting
  • and retrieves it automatically at the next application.
  • 【LCD Display & Adjustable Temperature】The hair curler featuring an digital display and the temperature varies from 100℃ to 230℃.
  • Just one button to get the desired temperature from 170℃ to 230 ℃, suitable for all kinds of hair.
  • 【PACKAGE AND100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE】In addition to the hair straightener,
  • there are heat resistant protective cover and good quality heat resistant glove,
  • which can give you a best experience when styling hair. We have strongly confidence on our products.
  • Features:
  • Instructions for using:
  • 1.LCD liquid crystal display temperature, 210-450F Fahrenheit (100-230C degrees Celsius),
  • Fahrenheit and Celsius can be converted by switching the key twice continuously.
  • 2.Rotate the handle tail to adjust the temperature, rotate to the right once +10C20F,
  • rotate to the left once, -10C20F.Select the appropriate temperature for your hair type.
  • As you twist the temperature control the temperature will be shown on the temperature display.
  • 3.Before straightening or curling, the washed hair should be completely dry and combed thoroughly.
  • Divide your hair in strands with a comb.
  • 4.Any question,kindly contact us,We are happy to solve the problem for you.
  • Specification:
  • Power Source: Electric
  • Voltage: 110-240v
  • Power Cord Tail Assembly Mode: 360° Rotatable
  • LCD display tail knob thermostat: 100 ° C - 230 ° C (212 ° F - 446 ° F)
  • Heating: PTC
  • Temperature Display: LED Display
  • Swivel Cord: 2m
  • Material: ceramic glaze coating
  • Package:
  • 1 x Hair straightener
  • 1 x Insulating gloves
  • 1 x Travel Pouch
  • 1 x User manual(In English)
  • Note:
  • 1.Please allow 0.5-1 inch difference due to manual measurement.(1 inch=2.54cm)
  • 2.The color of the actual items may slightly different from the listing images due to different computer screen,
  • 3.Thanks for your understanding..
  • 描述:
  • 【2合1直发器和卷发器】直发器既可以用作扁铁,也可以用作卷发器,
  • 可以满足您的所有需求,并针对所有类型的头发设置不同的温度设置(100℃-230℃)。
  • 【独特设计】与其他直发器相比,我们的直发器独特的弧形
  • 弹簧式造型板设计使卷曲速度加快了2倍。
  • 陶瓷涂层的设计对头发的表皮更亲切,有助于防止毛躁和驯服飞散的头发。
  • 【快速加热并自动关闭】在15秒内快速加热
  • 可变的加热设置非常适合实现所需的样式,从而节省时间。
  • 60分钟后自动安全关闭。得益于智能存储功能,
  • 卷曲和直度矫直机记住上一次选择的设置
  • 并在下一个应用程序中自动检索它。
  • 【液晶显示和温度可调】数字显示的卷发器,温度从100℃到230℃不等。
  • 只需一个按钮即可获得170℃至230℃的理想温度,适用于各种头发。
  • 【包装及100%满意保证】除直发器外,
  • 有耐热防护罩和优质耐热手套,
  • 在造型头发时可以给您最佳的体验。我们对我们的产品充满信心。
  • 特征:
  • 使用说明:
  • 1.LCD液晶显示温度为210-450F华氏度(100-230C摄氏度),
  • 通过连续两次切换键可以转换华氏温度和摄氏温度。
  • 2.旋转手柄尾部调节温度,向右旋转一次+ 10C20F,
  • 向左旋转一次,-10C20F。为您的头发类型选择合适的温度。
  • 旋转温度控制器时,温度将显示在温度显示屏上。
  • 3.拉直或卷曲之前,洗过的头发应完全干燥并彻底梳理。
  • 用梳子将头发分成几束。
  • 4.任何问题,请与我们联系,我们很高兴为您解决问题。
  • 规范:
  • 电源:电力
  • 电压:110-240v
  • 电源线尾部组装模式:360°可旋转
  • LCD显示尾旋钮温控器:100°C-230°C(212°F-446°F)
  • 加热方式:PTC
  • 温度显示:LED显示
  • 旋转线:2m
  • 材质:陶瓷釉面涂料
  • 包:
  • 1 x直发器
  • 1 x绝缘手套
  • 1 x旅行袋
  • 1 x用户手册(英文)
  • 注意:
  • 1.由于手动测量,请允许相差0.5-1英寸(1英寸= 2.54cm)
  • 2.由于计算机屏幕的不同,实际商品的颜色可能与商品图片略有不同,
  • 3.谢谢您的理解。

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