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Plating Bordered Drill Flash Powder Lanyard Anti Dropping Mobile Phone Case Cover

#HHP384424 សំបក ស្រោមទូរស័ព្ទ Selected by LITTLEFASHION

$2.40 App Only

  • Features:
  • diamond edge + 360 degree rotating kickstand + sparkle paper insert + free lanyard
  • 1.Soft Slim-fit TPU.
  • 2.Unique 360 degree rotating ring kickstand allow enviable hands-free comfort use of your phone from any angles.
  • 3. Glitter Diamond edge.
  • Bling case with luxury sleek design, the edge of case with inlaid artificial rhinestone diamond, suits for teen, teenage girls and women.
  • 4.2-Layer design.
  • Combined with soft TPU layer and sparkle color make-up layer to protect your iPhone all around. The back sparkles are an insert that put on the inside, will always stay sparkley and not get smudged from touching the back.
  • 5. free lanyard,
  • there is a neck lanyard in package as gift. (There are holes on the bottom left and right side of the case.)
  • Model:Samsung S7 edge
  • Color:Gold
  • Package:1*Case
  • 特征:
  • 钻石边缘+ 360度旋转支架+闪光纸插件+免费挂绳
  • 1.Soft Slim-fit TPU。
  • 2.独特的360度旋转环支架,可让您从任何角度轻松舒适地使用手机。
  • 3.金葱钻石边缘。
  • 带有豪华时尚设计的亮面表壳,表壳边缘镶有人造水钻钻石,适合青少年,少女和女性。
  • 4.2层设计。
  • 结合柔软的TPU层和闪闪发光的彩妆层,以保护您的iPhone周围的一切。 背面的火花是插入在内部的插入物,将始终保持闪烁,不会因接触背面而弄脏。
  • 5.免费的挂绳,
  • 包装中有一条脖子挂绳作为礼物。 (外壳左下方和右侧都有孔。)
  • 型号:三星S7 edge
  • 颜色:金色
  • 包装:1 *箱

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