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New Korean Environmental Protection Oxford Cloth Insulation Bag Ice Pack Insulation Bag Lunch Bag Portable Lunch Bag

#CAE353037 កាបូបដាក់ម្ហូប Selected by LITTLEFASHION

$9.43   $6.60 App Only

Membership Price: $6.60 (Save 30%)
  • Material High quality Oxford cloth
  • Color: Green forest thin, white bear, pink rabbit, pink puppy, blue flowers, burgundy flowers, pink leopard print, blue rabbit, Nepal blue, bunny rabbit, city, animal world, rose flower, Nepal red , Blue color circle, flamingo-orange, flamingo-ash, colorful camellia, spring, painted tree-orange, cartoon castle, exotic style, lady's house, birds and flowers, fairytale world, bicycle, watermelon, sailboat, lemon, small fish , London, Ice cream, Fun summer, Royal-Beibai, Royal-Purple, Geometric sketch, Cartoon car, Feather, Ice cream
  • Specifications Length 18 * Width 18 * Height 25CM
  • Material: high quality Oxford cloth +3.0 square aluminum film
  • Specifications: length 18 * width 18 * height 25CM
  • Packing: single into OPP bag
  • Weight: thick (after, H, hou, ho) models about 175 one, thin models about 75 grams each batch of fabric will have a little difference in weight.
  •  New Oxford cloth ice pack insulation bag lunch bag portable aluminum film lunch box insulation bag ice pack
  • The ice bag has a stylish and beautiful appearance, bright colors, and novel styles. The bag is easy to clean, foldable, and convenient to store. This product also has the function of heat preservation, and is also suitable for winter heat preservation. It is an essential product for life, travel and leisure. Insulation bag, ice pack, ice pack, also known as passive refrigerator, is a kind of bag with high thermal insulation and constant temperature effect (having the effect of warming in winter and cooling in summer). , Suitable for use when driving, holiday outings, family picnics. The inner layer of the product is pearl cotton covered with aluminum foil reflective heat insulation layer, which provides good thermal insulation effect. From then on, you can carry cold drinks and cold drinks on the car and outdoors , No longer have to endure warm drinks!
  • 新款韩版环保牛津布保温包冰包保温袋便当袋手提午餐包
  • 材质 优质牛津布
  • 颜色 绿色森林 薄,白底小熊,粉底兔子,粉色小狗,兰色花朵,酒红花朵,粉色豹纹,兰底兔子,尼泊尔兰色,葳青兔子,城市,动物世界,蔷薇花,尼泊尔红色,兰彩圈,火烈鸟-桔,火烈鸟-灰,七彩山茶花,春意,彩绘树-桔,卡通城堡,异域风情,淑女屋,鸟语花香,童话世界,自行车,西瓜,帆船,柠檬,小鱼,伦敦,冰激凌,缤纷夏日,御兵-米白,御兵-紫,几何素描,卡通汽车,羽毛,雪糕
  • 规格 长18*宽18*高25CM
  • 材质:优质牛津布+3.0方格铝膜
  • 规格:长18*宽18*高25CM
  • 包装:单个入OPP袋
  • 克重:厚(后, H,hou,ho) 款约175一个,薄款约75克一个 每批布料都会有点克重差别。
  • 新款牛津布冰包保温袋便当袋手提铝膜饭盒保温包冰袋
  • 冰袋外型时尚美观,色彩鲜亮,款式新颖,袋子易于清洗,可以折叠,存放方便。本产品也具有保温的作用,亦适合冬季保温所需,是生活、旅行、休闲的必备品。保温包、冰袋、冰包、也称无源冰箱,是一种具有高隔热、恒温效果的包 (具有冬暖夏凉作用),多用途保冷、保温、保鲜,采用优质材料制作,方便携带,适合喜欢驾车旅行、假日郊游、家庭野餐时使用,产品内层为珍珠棉覆合铝箔反光隔热层,提供良好的保温隔热效果,从此您可以在车上、户外携带冰镇饮料、冷饮等,不必再忍受温热的饮品!

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