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Ladies Mask,Stemcell Mask ,beauty Mask ,face Mask

#MAY336565 ព្យាបាលស្បែកស្នាម & សង្វារ Selected by LITTLEFASHION

$260.00 App Only

  • NEW LADIES MASK #Conscientiouse - from the same company #Riway that created #Purtier #Stemcell.
  • We have very limited FREE Mask to give away for every #Purtier order.
  • ???? Especially this super thin mask that absorbs skin care essence from stem cells. These essence not only nourish the skin from the outside but also wool the core into deep under the skin. Stimulate active cells, wake up freshness for the skin.
  • how to Use:
  • - Stretch the skin.
  • - Whitening, pink moat facial skin.
  • - Provides moisturizing.
  • - Hunting for skin, anti-aging.
  • - Restore damaged skin.
  • - Soothing the skin, quickly restore skin after lazer, acne treatment, restructuring, needle rolling, micro needle, muscle lift...
  • Combination with #Conscientiouse facial spray is the perfect duo for all types of skin

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