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Scented Oil 30ml Reed Oil Diffusers With 4PCS Aroma Natural Sticks Glass Bottle

#SIM334822 គ្រឿងក្រអូបតាំងផ្ទះ Selected by LITTLEFASHION

$2.50 App Only

  • Features:A customized essential oil is designed to restore and vitalize your senses and relieve your work stress after a long day.EASY TO USE. Insert the reed sticks inside the diffuser bottle, the fragrance oil is gently volatilized by flipping the natural rattan reeds, giving any space a long-lasting, continuous scent into the air for 60-90 days approximately.FLAME FREE, PARABENS FREE, PHTHALATES FREE. No need of any Aromatherapy machine. with only one bottle of the fragrance oil, you can enjoy this joyful and cheerful scent in your bedroom, living room and office.PERFECT GIFT IDEA. It is beautifully packaged in good condition.
  • The elegant glass bottle combined with the rich and sweet aroma makes the ideal gift for friends and loved ones, or a housewarming gift set.COMPLETE REED DIFFUSER SET. Includes 30ML of premium quality fragrance oil + 4 cotton balls.
  • Aroma type: 1:Rose(Pink)2:Wishing elf(Yellow)3:Lavender(Purple) 4:Heart of ocean (Blue)
  • Notes: Do not sprinkle on the paint surface. If it is dumped, please clean it with clean water in time.Do not use it for pregnant women.Keep out of the reach of children and pets.
  • Usage: Insert the fibre rod into the bottle and place it in a cool, dry and smooth place. Do not place near open fire.
  • Package included:1x bottle of aroma4x cotton balls
  • 特征:定制的精油经过精心设计,可在漫长的一天后恢复并激发您的感官,减轻您的工作压力。易于使用。将芦苇棒插入扩散瓶内,通过翻转天然藤条芦苇,使芳香油轻轻挥发,使任何空间在空气中持续持续约60-90天的持久香气。
  • 无火焰,无防腐剂,邻苯二甲酸盐免费。无需任何香薰机。仅需一瓶香精油,您就可以在卧室,客厅和办公室中享受这种愉悦而愉悦的气味。完美的礼品创意。包装精美,状况良好。优雅的玻璃瓶加上浓郁而甜美的香气,是送给亲朋好友的理想礼物,或是乔迁之礼。
  • 完整的芦苇扩散器设置。包括30ML优质香精油+ 4个棉球。
  • 香气类型:1:玫瑰色(粉红色)2:许愿精灵(黄色)3:薰衣草(紫色)4:海洋之心(蓝色)
  • 笔记:不要洒在油漆表面上。如果将其丢弃,请及时用清水清洗。请勿用于孕妇。请将本产品放在儿童和宠物接触不到的地方。
  • 用法:将纤维棒插入瓶中,并将其放在阴凉,干燥和光滑的地方。不要放在明火附近。
  • 套餐包括:1x瓶香气4个棉球Tèzhēng:

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