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#DIM312642 គ្រឿង Make-up Selected by LITTLEFASHION

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  • BEAUTY SPONGE: These mini makeup blender sponges are great for the under eye area, for adding highlight, and for adding. When slightly moistened, they add perfection to those smaller areas of your face, and are great for under eyes,it is not easy to pull skin to cause fine lines.360° no dead angle ,smooth surface,effective modification nose, other traditional sponge can’t reach.
  • MAKEUP SPONGE HOW TO USE:Makeup Blenders for all kinds of cosmetics, foundation, BB, powder, concealer, isolation, liquid etc.They’re perfect to apply around the eyes for concealer, and to spot conceal around the nooks and crannies of the face! The top of these sponges are perfect for concealing any acne or sun damage spots giving the face a soft, flawless and airbrushed look! They’re multitasking as you can use them to gently apply highlighter anywhere on the face and apply cream blush.
  • MADE FROM SAFE & SOFT MATERIAL:NON-LATEX MATERIAL, NON-ALLERGENIC, Made from American hydrophilic polyurethane, which makes sure makeup blenders are ultra-soft, antibacterial, odor free and non-allergenic.
  • KEEPING FACE LOOKING MOISTURIZED:Dabit gently in your face,minimal absorption with maximum cover age and made your makeup last.save the consumption of liquid foundation.It helps you to do a perfect and clean makeup.They are easy to clean and use.It's reusable if cared for properly - if used daily, you should replace the makeup sponge every 1-3 months ,we recommend washing your sponge frequently with a mild cleanser and air dry.
  • A PERFECT CHOICE FOR AMATEURS AND PROS:Works very well on dry and wet cosmetics, it will expand to 50% much larger when wet.a nice gift set for you and your friends.
  • ៣៦០ ដឺក្រេគ្មានមុំស្លាប់ផ្ទៃរលោងច្រមុះកែប្រែច្រមុះអេប៉ុងប្រពៃណីផ្សេងទៀតមិនអាចទៅដល់បានទេ។
  • ប្រសិនបើប្រើជារៀងរាល់ថ្ងៃអ្នកគួរតែជំនួសអេប៉ុងតុបតែងខ្លួនរៀងរាល់ 1-3 ខែម្តង, យើងណែនាំអោយលាងអេប៉ុងរបស់អ្នកអោយបានញឹកញាប់ជាមួយឧបករណ៍សំអាតស្រាលនិងស្ងួតខ្យល់។
  • 美容海绵:这些迷你美妆蛋非常适合在眼下区域使用,可以增加亮点并增加肤色。稍微润湿后,它们可为您的脸部较小区域带来完美效果,非常适合眼睛下方,不易拉扯皮肤而造成细纹。360°无死角,光滑的表面,有效的修饰鼻子,其他传统海绵无法达到。
  • 化妆海绵使用方法:适用于各种化妆品,粉底,BB,粉末,遮瑕膏,隔离液,液体等的化妆搅拌器,非常适合涂在遮瑕膏的眼睛周围,并在遮盖处的角落和缝隙处发现遮瑕膏。这些海绵的顶部非常适合遮盖任何粉刺或日晒斑,使脸部柔软,无瑕和喷刷外观!它们具有多种功能,您可以使用它们在脸上的任何地方轻轻涂抹荧光笔并涂抹腮红。
  • 由安全和柔软的材料制成:非乳胶材料,非过敏性,由亲水性聚氨酯制成,可确保化妆品混合器超柔软,抗菌,无异味且不过敏。
  • 保持脸部保湿:轻柔地涂抹在脸上,最大程度地吸收吸收,并最大程度地延长妆效,使妆容持久。节省粉底液的消耗量,帮助您打造完美清洁的妆容,易于清洁和使用。如果保养得当,可重复使用-如果每天使用,应每1-3个月更换一次化妆海绵,我们建议您经常用中性清洁剂清洗海绵并风干。
  • 一个完美的业余和专业选择:在干湿化妆品上都可以很好地工作,湿时它的体积会扩大到50%,这是为您和您的朋友准备的精美礼物。

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