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Makeup Sponge Small Mushroom Head Air Cushion BB Puff Sponge Beauty Egg Does Not Eat Powder Cute With Box Portable Wet And Dry

#DIM312639 គ្រឿង Make-up Selected by LITTLEFASHION

$3.29   $2.57 App Only

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  • EAUTY BLENDER MAKEUP SPONGE - Give fingertips and old makeup brushes a break. vegan-friendly, cruelty free, and SOFT makeup sponge is finally here to score a flawless blend. Never again will you miss a spot or have an uneven jawline. With this beauty sponge providing professional, EVEN COVERAGE, is fun and easy. Your face has never looked so airbrushed.
  • Comes with SPECIAL LATEX-FREE FOAM that is suitable for any skin type, in a perfect size, is made to last and pops back to shape after you squeeze it. You can use it - WET OR DRY - and it pairs best with liquid cosmetics to ensure zero awkward shadows or bare areas. Designed for beginners and professionals at any age to HELP OPTIMIZE ANY BEAUTY ROUTINE with a blender sponge that is easy to clean and maintain.
  • Made with a HIGH QUALITY OPEN CELL STRUCTURE that guarantees cosmetics stay on top of the sponge rather than being absorbed, it´s perfectly bendable for a STREAK-FREE liquid or powder application.
  • The squishy MAKEUP SPONGE delivers a dewy application depositing just enough foundation, cream blush, or highlighter. Very easy to maneuver and simple to clean, these long-lasting tools will be your favorite.
  • Description:
  • Wet method: 1. Apply BB cream or liquid foundation on the skin; 2. After soaking, wring out the sponge, push it slowly, and evenly wipe it with pressure; 3. After use, the skin is fine and the skin tone is even. hidden.
  • Drying method: 1, draw dry powder cosmetics (blush, loose powder, loose powder); 2, strong ability to catch powder, evenly pull powder, easy to apply makeup; 3, after use, the skin is delicate. Even the pores of the skin are hidden.
  • Cleaning method: 1. Use the makeup remover, repeatedly rub until the residue disappears slowly; 2. Continue to use a mild cleanser to remove the foam; 3. Rinse with water, then squeeze excess water from the sponge puff.
  • Warm promotion:
  • It is recommended to prepare a dry, wet beauty egg, wash 1-2 times a week, about once a month to ensure hygiene.
  • ឧបករណ៍ប្រើប្រាស់បានយូរទាំងនេះមានភាពងាយស្រួលក្នុងការធ្វើប្រតិបត្តិការនិងងាយស្រួលក្នុងការសម្អាតហើយនឹងជាចំណូលចិត្តរបស់អ្នក។
  • រចនាឡើងសម្រាប់អ្នកចាប់ផ្តើមដំបូងនិងអ្នកជំនាញ
  • 小巧美妆蛋。符合人体工程学设计,操作方便。您再也不会错过细小地方或下巴不均匀。借助这种美妆蛋,您可以均匀地涂抹粉底液
  • 适合任何皮肤,大小适中,经久耐用,挤压后弹回形状。它可以干湿两用,可与液体化妆品搭配使用,无尴尬阴影或裸露区域。专为初学者和专业人士而设计,可使用易于清洁和维护的美妆蛋整理你的妆容
  • 采用高质量的开孔结构制成,可确保化妆品停留在海绵上而不是被吸收,它可完美弯曲,适用于无条纹的液体或粉末应用。
  • 这些耐用的工具非常易于操作且易于清洁,将是您的最爱。
  • 描述:
  • 湿法:1.在皮肤上涂抹BB霜或粉底液; 2.浸泡后,拧干海绵,缓慢推入,并用压力均匀擦拭; 3.使用后,皮肤细腻,肤色均匀。隐。
  • 干燥方法:1,画干粉化妆品(腮红,散粉,散粉); 2,极强的抓粉能力,均匀拉粉,容易上妆; 3,使用后,皮肤细腻。甚至皮肤的毛孔也被隐藏了。
  • 清洁方法:1.使用卸妆液,反复揉搓直至残留物缓慢消失; 2.继续使用温和的清洁剂去除泡沫; 3.用水冲洗,然后从海绵泡芙中挤出多余的水。
  • 温馨促销:
  • 建议准备一个干燥,湿润的美容蛋,每周清洗1-2次,每月一次,以确保卫生。

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