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SON & PARK - Beauty Water Toning Pad

#AUR292488 សាប៊ូ Selected by LITTLEFASHION

$21.00   $8.40 App Only

  • Benefits:
  • Effectively exfoliate and remove impurities, while hydrating to keep the skin more moisturized and supple for a better makeup condition
  • Contain 93% naturally derived ingredients to create healthy skin full of vitality mildly
  • Multi use of Beauty Water Toning Pad:
  • SOS Easy Mask Pack: Apply over dry area for 5-10mins for instant soothing effect
  • Multi Care Pad: Wipe over any body area with concerns of dead skin cells or skin texture problem
  • Makeup Touch-up Pad: Offer convenient exfoliating effect and moisture supply to cakey skin for neat, clean makeup express
  • How to use:
  • 1. Take out the toning pad and gently wipe across facial area along the skin texture with the soft flat side.
  • 2. Use the embossed side to remove dead skin cells or impurities then lightly pat for absorption.

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