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Gulf Syngear 75W90 (12X1L)

#VDN258964 ប្រេងនិងទឹកឡាន #ប្រេងម៉ាស៊ីន ប្រអប់លេខ ដៃ Brand: Gulf Oil



Gulf Syngear series are fully synthetic thermally stable total driveline gear lubricants designed to meet the demanding requirements of light duty and heavy duty commercial vehicles and off-highway equipment operating in most severe operating conditions. These are blended from synthetic base fluids and advanced technology additive system to provide unmatched protection for extended durability of driveline components. These oils possess outstanding load-carrying capability and high viscosity index to provide effective lubrication in applications encountering high-speed/shock load and low-speed/high torque conditions and wide temperature ranges. These oils possess excellent low temperature fluidity and offer improved fuel economy.

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