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Wired Gaming Keyboard And Mouse Combo RGB Backlit Gaming Keyboard And Backlit Gaming Mouse Mechanical Keyboard Feel For Windows PC Gamers

#KFO549030 គ្រឿងកុំព្យូទ័រ Selected by LITTLEFASHION

$14.99   $9.74 App Only

Membership Price: $9.74 (Save 35%)
  • >>Package Included
  • 1 * Wired Keyboard
  • 1 * Wired Mouse
  • >>Features
  • PC GAMING KEYBOARD AND GAMING MOUSE COMBO: Includes RGB Backlit Computer Gaming Keyboard and RGB Backlit Gaming Mouse. ALL-IN-ONE PC GAMER VALUE KIT, Fantastic for Gamers
  • RGB BACKLIT GAMING KEYBOARD: The PC Gaming Keyboard has been ergonomically designed to be a superb typing tool for office work as well. The gaming Keyboard is built to withstand the average liquid spill. 
  • MULTI MEDIA & ANTI GHOSTING; The Gaming Keyboard has 25 conflict free Multimedia keys. Keys are quiet, designed for longevity, durability delivering precise tactile feedback. Comes with Full numeric keypad and a gold-plated corrosion free USB connector for a reliable connection and ultimate Gaming performance
  • WIRED GAMING MOUSE: Ergonomic Backlit Gaming Mouse have 30G acceleration and Weight Tuning set. The High-Precision Sensor delivers Pinpoint Accuracy while the Gaming Grade Micro Switches ensure longevity, greater durability and extreme responsiveness, giving you an even greater edge over your competition
  • PC GAMING KEYBOARD AND GAMING MOUSE COMPATIBILITY: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP, Limited Mac OS keyboard support. Works well with all major Computers Brands and Gaming PCs.
  • >>Specifications
  • Name: Wired Gaming Keyboard and Mouse
  • Connection method:Wired
  • Package Dimensions: 63 * 16.2 * 4.5cm
  • Keyboard size: 440 X 130 X 30mm
  • Mouse size: 125 X 68 X 38mm
  • Keyboard line length: 1.35 meters
  • Mouse line length: 1.35 meters
  • Product Weight: 500g
  • Package Weight: 600g
  • >>Notes
  • Due to the monitor difference, the actual color and picture will be different.
  • Because it is measured manually, the size will have a deviation of 1-2 cm.
  • >>包裹包含
  • 1 *有线键盘
  • 1 *有线鼠标
  • >>特点
  • PC游戏键盘和游戏鼠标组合:包括RGB背光计算机游戏键盘和RGB背光游戏鼠标。多合一PC玩家超值套装,非常适合游戏玩家
  • RGB背光游戏键盘:PC游戏键盘的设计符合人体工程学,也是办公中出色的打字工具。游戏键盘的构造可承受平均的液体泄漏。
  • 多媒体和反播:游戏键盘具有25个无冲突的多媒体键。按键安静,使用寿命长,耐用,可提供精确的触觉反馈。配备全数字键盘和镀金防腐蚀USB连接器,可实现可靠的连接和出色的游戏性能
  • 有线游戏鼠标:符合人体工程学的背光游戏鼠标具有30G加速度和重量调整设置。高精度传感器可提供精确的定位,而游戏级微动开关可确保使用寿命长,耐用性高和响应速度快,从而使您在竞争中拥有更大的优势
  • PC游戏键盘和游戏鼠标兼容性:Windows 10,Windows 8,Windows 7,Windows Vista或Windows XP,有限的Mac OS键盘支持。与所有主要的计算机品牌和游戏PC均能很好地工作。
  • >>规格
  • 名称:有线游戏键盘和鼠标
  • 连接方式:有线
  • 包装尺寸:63 * 16.2 * 4.5cm
  • 键盘尺寸:440 X 130 X 30mm
  • 鼠标尺寸:125 X 68 X 38mm
  • 键盘线长:1.35米
  • 鼠标线长:1.35米
  • 产品重量:500g
  • 包装重量:600g
  • >>注意事项
  • 由于显示器的差异,实际的颜色和图片会有所不同。
  • 由于是手动测量的,因此尺寸会有1-2厘米的偏差。

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