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Muscle Massager Heating Vibrator Fascia Scraping Knife Massager Fascia Knife

#KUA503780 ថែដៃនិងជើង Selected by LITTLEFASHION

$16.50 App Only

  • Muscle Massager Heating Vibrator Fascia Scraping Knife Massager Fascia KnifeProduct descriptionAfter treatment with GuaSha scraping massage tool, you will immediately get rid of a variety of physical diseases, such as digestive disorders, headaches, dizziness or chronic pain!Features:- Made from stainless steel, which is durable and wear resistant,easy to use,easy to clean.- Improve blood circulation, promote metabolism, and enhance immune function.- Dredge meridians, disperse blood stasis, enhance skin permeability, and improve visceral function.- You'll feel comfortable and smooth when holding and using, and it won't hurt your skins.- Designed specifically for gua sha scraping massage tool, it is the best guasha tool you have.- Beautiful appearance, perfect gift for family, friends, colleagues or classmates. Be Careful◎In the scraped area, if the skin has ulceration, damage, inflammation, it is not appropriate to scrape.◎The waist, abdomen and ankle of pregnant woman are not allowed to scrape.◎After scraping, drink a cup of hot (warm) boiling water to supplement the body's consumption of body fluid, promote metabolism, and accelerate the discharge of metabolites. Click ‘Add to Cart’ above to start relieving soreness and pain so you can recovery faster, feel better more deeply.

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