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USB Mini Portable Face Mist Handy Face Moisturizer Hydrating Daily Care Sprayer

#KUA502190 ថែរក្សាស្បែកមុខ Selected by LITTLEFASHION

$5.40 App Only

  • USB Mini Portable Face Mist Handy Face Moisturizer Hydrating Daily Care Sprayer Feature:MOISTURIZING AND REFRESHING YOUR SKIN: Use our Nano mini portable handy to moisturize and refresh your skin any time throughout the day. This nano facial can be used to nourish your face, body, hair, and use as an eyelash extension. It is suitable for all types of skin. No matter what your situation, we got you covered. It is perfect for keeping your face hydrated and glowing while you are on the go without ruining your makeup.RESTORATION: Our mini facial is perfect after a long day out in the sun. As a water face mist, It will soothe dry, irritated skin and lessen the sun damage. The cool, soothing mist will help restore damaged skin and give you some much-needed pure daily care. Our spray is also good to keep your makeup smooth and not ruined—and shall we say, it is also an eyelash extension !ALL SEASONS USING: This Nano Mist hydrating facial can be used as spray all year-round. Our mini facial will help you feel cool and relaxed on a hot summer day or a hot day—and keep your skin hydrated during the cold winter months.SIMPLE TO USE: Simply fill it up with mineral water, push down the switch, and it will automatically send out a soothing water face mist. This nano mini portable handy is pocket-sized and will fit comfortably in any handbag, purse, school bag or coat pockets. Use it any time and experience the Nano facial benefits throughout the day. It’s like a mini spa visit in your hand.Package Content: 1PC handy Sprayer

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