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ខ្សែលោតអន្ទាក់ដែលមានស្គ្រីនABSសម្រាប់រាប់លេខ​ និងការពារខ្យល់

#NIF484236 គ្រឿងសម្ភារៈកីឡាហាត់ប្រាណ Selected by LITTLEFASHION

$4.00 App Only

  • Features:
  • Four Modes: Calorie mode, kilometer mode, mile mode, count mode, arbitrary switch, smart HD display
  • Upgrade Magnetron Induction: Positive and negative can count, no leakage, count more accurate
  • Anti - Winding Design: 360 degrees rotation, no delay, more smooth speed
  • Sweat-Proof Handles: Always keeps the rope on your hand even you are sweating,
  • which ensures the safety of your exercise.
  • Indoor Outdoor: With this jump rope, you can not only exercise outdoors, but also indoor.
  • You can loose weight, enjoy the sporting time even at home.
  • Easy To Adjust: The length of this speed jump rope can be adjusted from 2.4-2.95m/94.49-116.14inch
  • to your desired length or height easily. No more tangling trouble for kids using cordless mode.
  • Appropriate For All Ages: Adults, men, women, children, kids, boys, and girls
  • Function: Shape your cardio endurance, stamina and speed, while improving the muscle tension of your whole body.
  • Specifications:
  • Type: A=Double Screen, B=Double Screen+Cordless Ball
  • Material: ABS, Steel Wire
  • Color: Blue, White, Pink, Black
  • Length: About 2.4-2.95m/94.49-116.14inch(adjustable)
  • Battery: Button Battery(included)
  • Adjusting Rope Length:
  • The beginner adjusts the length of the rope according to his/her height.
  • He/she steps on the rope with his/her feet together and holds the handle
  • in both hands until he/she reaches under the armpits for a suitable length
  • Package Included:
  • 1pc x Jump Rope
  • 特征:
  • 四种模式:卡路里模式,公里模式,英里模式,计数模式,任意开关,智能高清显示
  • 升级磁控管感应:正负均可计数,无泄漏,计数更准确
  • 防缠绕设计:360度旋转,无延迟,速度更流畅
  • 防汗手柄:即使出汗,也要始终将绳子放在手上,
  • 确保您运动的安全性。
  • 室内室外:有了跳绳,您不仅可以在户外运动,还可以在室内运动。
  • 您甚至可以在家中放松体重,享受运动时间。
  • 易于调节:此跳绳的长度可以在2.4-2.95m94.49-116.14inch之间进行调节
  • 轻松达到所需的长度或高度。使用无线模式的孩子无需再纠结了。
  • 适合所有年龄段:成人,男人,女人,儿童,孩子,男孩和女孩
  • 功能:塑造您的心脏耐力,耐力和速度,同时改善整个身体的肌肉张力。
  • 规格:
  • 类型:A =双屏,B =双屏+无绳球
  • 材质:ABS,钢丝
  • 颜色:蓝色,白色,粉红色,黑色
  • 长度:约2.4-2.95m94.49-116.14inch(可调)
  • 电池:纽扣电池(随附)
  • 调节绳长:
  • 初学者根据其高度调整绳索的长度。
  • Heshe用双脚并拢踩在绳子上,握住手柄
  • 用双手直到她伸到腋下适当的长度
  • 套餐包括:
  • 1个x跳绳

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