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#NIF472848 ក្រាសសិតសក់ Selected by LITTLEFASHION

$2.50 App Only

  • 100% brand new and high quality
  • High quality heat resistant plastic comb case can be stable and durable, more safe
  • Easy to operate, adopts negative ions hair straighten technique, tease your straight hair easier and more convenient, no harm to your hair compared with traditional hair straightener
  • 8 sec fast hair straighten technology can provides you faster hair straightening experience, massage your head at the same time
  • Temperature control and LCD display functions can be more convenient for you
  • How To Use:
  • Long press the power button for 3sec to switch onoff the hair straightener comb
  • Keep your hair clean and tidy
  • Press the “+””-” button to set the hair straighten temperature, every button press the temperature will add or decrease 5 ℃, wait the hair straightener temperature heated to your setting temperature, you can view it on the LCD display. (choose the temperature according to your hair condition, thick hair we recommend you to choose 210-230℃, thin hair we recommend you to choose 170-190℃, normal hair quality choose the middle temperature)
  • Then hold on to the hair tail with your hand, tease your hair using the fast hair straightener, not recommend you hold on too much hair one time
  • Matching with hair spray or softener can reach better hair straighten effect
  • One hour automatically power off when not use
  • Item Type: Fast Hair Straightener Comb
  • Voltage: DC110v-240v
  • Power: 29 W
  • Wire length: about 230cm90.55”
  • Heating timeoptimal styling time : 30 seconds
  • Straighten hair time: 5 seconds
  • Thermostatic : 185 Celsius
  • Max temperature: 230 Celsius 446 Fahrenheit
  • Mix temperature: 80 Celsius 176 Fahrenheit
  • Thermostat adjustment segments: 5 Celsius
  • Color: pink,
  • Plug: EU plug,
  • Package includes: 1 x Fast Hair Straightener Comb
  • 100%全新优质
  • 优质耐热塑料梳子盒可以稳定耐用,更安全
  • 操作简便,采用负离子直发技术,比传统直发器更轻松,更方便地梳理直发,对头发无伤害
  • 8秒快速拉直技术可为您提供更快的拉直体验,同时按摩头部
  • 温度控制和LCD显示功能可以为您带来更多便利
  • 如何使用:
  • 长按电源按钮3秒钟以打开关闭直发梳
  • 保持头发整洁
  • 按“ +” “-”按钮设置直发温度,每按一次该按钮温度会升高或降低5℃,等待直发器温度加热到您的设置温度,即可在LCD显示屏上查看。 (根据发质选择温度,浓密的头发我们建议选择210-230℃,稀薄的头发我们建议选择170-190℃,正常的发质选择中等温度)
  • 然后用手抓住头发的尾巴,使用快速的直发器梳理头发,不建议您一次握太多头发
  • 与发胶或柔顺剂搭配可达到更好的拉直效果
  • 一小时不使用自动关机
  • 产品类型:快速直发梳
  • 电压:DC110v-240v
  • 功率:29瓦
  • 线长:约230厘米90.55英寸
  • 加热时间最佳造型时间:30秒
  • 拉直头发时间:5秒
  • 恒温:185摄氏度
  • 最高温度:230摄氏度446华氏度
  • 混合温度:80摄氏度176华氏度
  • 温控器调节段:5摄氏度
  • 颜色:粉红色
  • 插头:欧盟插头,
  • 套餐包括:1 x快速直发梳

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