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#ANF446004 កន្សែងជូតខ្លូន Selected by LITTLEFASHION

$5.00 App Only

  • 【ENJOY SOFTNESS AND COMFORT】At the end of a long day, or at the start of a new one, you deserve a little luxury. Transform your home into a sanctuary and your bathroom into a mini spa with the help of deliciously soft, comfy elegant white bath sheet towels.
  • 【MORE LOFT, LESS WEIGHT 】Towel is spun from fluffy, long staple cotton - soft, durable, lightweight, and wonderfully absorbent. It is more absorbent then any Cotton Towel. These towels are generously sized at 70 x 140 cm - plenty of room for comfortable lounging after a refreshing shower or relaxing soak.
  • 【EASY CARE 】 Our bleach safe bath sheets are completely dryer safe and dry very fast too. Simply toss them in the machine and wash. After the first wash, these towels fluff up fresh beautifully and grow even softer.
  • 【BETTER WATER ABSORPTION 】Terry towel material allows for maximum absorbency. Perfect for poolside, bathroom, Beach, salon, college dorm room essentials , spa, wedding resgisry or gym use. The towel set is designed to provide users with all their basic bathroom drying needs to wrap around your hair or to dry your body.
  • 【享受柔软和舒适感】在漫长的一天结束或新的一天开始时,您应该得到一点奢侈。借助柔软舒适的优雅白色浴巾,将您的房屋变成庇护所,将浴室变成迷你水疗中心。
  • 【更轻巧,更少重量】毛巾是由蓬松的长绒棉制成的,柔软,耐用,轻便且吸水性极佳。它比任何棉毛巾都更具吸收性。这些毛巾的尺寸大为70 x 140厘米-充足的空间可在淋浴或放松浸泡后舒适地放松。
  • 【轻松护理】我们的漂白安全浴巾是完全安全的烘干机,而且干燥速度也非常快。只需将它们放入机器中清洗即可。第一次洗涤后,这些毛巾会蓬松美丽,变得更加柔软。
  • 【更好的吸水率】毛巾毛巾材料具有最大的吸收性。非常适合池畔,浴室,海滩,沙龙,大学宿舍房间必需品,水疗中心,婚礼承办单位或健身房使用。毛巾套件旨在为用户提供所有基本的浴室干燥需求,以包裹头发或使身体干燥。

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