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Niye Wireless Aluminum Alloy Bluetooth Mouse With Charging Button Mute 2.4G Wireless Transmission Bluetooth 5.0 Mouse NANO USB Interface Mouse

#NIY409736 សមាសធាតុកុំព្យូទ័រ Selected by LITTLEFASHION

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  • Welcome to Niye Mall
  • All products in our store will be tested by professional department before shipment
  • 【After placing an order】
  • 【Phnom Penh area】: received within 4 hours
  • 【Within Cambodia】: received within 2 days
  • If you encounter quality problems, please contact us immediately
  • Company vision: "Committed to creating a better user experience so that more users can use the most cost-effective products."
  • Product name: Aluminum Alloy Wireless Bluetooth Mouse
  • Color classification: Pink Gray
  • Product size: 110*58*26mm
  • Product weight: 75g
  • Product material: aluminum alloy material
  • Number of mouse buttons: 4 buttons
  • Connection method: wireless USB connection and Bluetooth connection
  • Wireless distance: 10M
  • Mouse type: Bluetooth+2.4G mouse
  • Built-in battery voltage: 3.7V
  • Usage: charging
  • Battery capacity: 500mAH
  • Indicator light: charging red light, full power off light
  • Applicable operating system: Windows XP and above
  • DPI: 800DPI-1200DPI-1600DPI
  • Usage time
  • Work continuously for about 100 hours
  • Split to 8 hours per day
  • Accurately estimated 12.5 days
  • Considering that it is not used every moment of 8 hours,
  • When not in use, it will automatically consume energy and save energy. It can be concluded that it will last for about half a month.
  • Features
  • 1. Use the same aluminum alloy material as the MacBook, and an integrated aluminum alloy frame
  • 2. Frosted appearance, metal frame, simple and elegant
  • 3. Two-color optional, novel and fashionable, to meet the diverse needs of high-value appearance
  • 4. Exquisite aluminum alloy frosted surface technology
  • 5. Bluetooth 5.0+2.4g wireless, stable and no delay, super compatibility.
  • 6. Long battery life, it can be used for several weeks after one charge, saving worry and power
  • 7. Mute button, 3D non-slip comfortable scroll wheel, precise positioning.
  • 8. Three-speed adjustable DPI
  • 9. Automatic sleep, wake up by key
  • 10. It is as light as 75g, easy to carry, and does not take up space
  • Instructions
  • ·3 hours to charge for first use
  • 1. After the red light is fully charged and the light is turned off, slide the power button to the left to turn on the Bluetooth mode, and the light will not turn on after turning on
  • 2. After the power button slides to Bluetooth mode, press and hold the DPI button for 3 seconds, the mouse will flash with a blue light, and then adjust to Bluetooth mode.
  • 3. Turn on the Bluetooth of the mobile phonecomputer, add the device, and search for the Bluetooth name [BT5.1 Mouse]. It usually takes 10 seconds to 1 minute. If the system is compatible and still cannot be found, you can try to switch the mouse on and off again.
  • 4. The bluetooth name [BT5.1 Mouse] appears on the mobile phonecomputer, click the pairing connection, and it can be used normally.
  • Note
  • The desktop computer needs a Bluetooth adapter to use the Bluetooth function. The mouse can only be connected to one device at the same time, and the 2.4g receiver is preferred.
  • IPhonetablet connection needs to turn on assistive touch, the steps are [Settings-Accessibility-Assistive Touch-On]
  • Package includes
  • Aluminum alloy Bluetooth mouse*1
  • MicroUSB charging cable*1
  • Wireless receiver (at the bottom of the mouse)*1
  • 欢迎来到Niye购物中心
  • 我们商店中的所有产品将在发货前经过专业部门的测试
  • 【下订单后】
  • 【金边地区】:4小时内收到
  • 【柬埔寨内】:2天内收到
  • 如果您遇到质量问题,请立即与我们联系
  • 公司愿景:“致力于创造更好的用户体验,使更多的用户可以使用最具成本效益的产品。”
  • 产品名称:铝合金无线蓝牙鼠标
  • 颜色分类:粉色灰色
  • 产品尺寸:110 * 58 * 26mm
  • 产品重量:75g
  • 产品材质:铝合金材质
  • 鼠标按钮数:4个按钮
  • 连接方式:无线USB连接和蓝牙连接
  • 无线距离:10M
  • 鼠标类型:蓝牙+ 2.4G鼠标
  • 内置电池电压:3.7V
  • 用法:充电
  • 电池容量:500mAH
  • 指示灯:充电中的红色指示灯,完全关闭电源指示灯
  • 适用操作系统:Windows XP及以上
  • DPI:800DPI-1200DPI-1600DPI
  • 使用时间
  • 连续工作约100小时
  • 每天拆分为8个小时
  • 准确估算12.5天
  • 考虑到不是每8小时使用一次,
  • 不使用时,它将自动消耗能量并节省能量。可以得出结论,它将持续大约半个月。
  • 特征
  • 1.使用与MacBook相同的铝合金材料,并集成铝合金框架
  • 2.磨砂外观,金属边框,简洁大方
  • 3.两色可选,新颖时尚,可满足高价值外观的多样化需求
  • 4.精美的铝合金磨砂表面技术
  • 5.蓝牙5.0 + 2.4g无线,稳定无延迟,超强兼容性。
  • 6.电池寿命长,一次充电可使用数周,省电省电
  • 7.静音按钮,3D防滑舒适滚动轮,精确定位。
  • 8.三速可调DPI
  • 9.自动睡眠,按键唤醒
  • 10.重量轻至75g,携带方便,不占空间
  • 使用说明
  • ·初次充电需3小时
  • 1.红灯充满电且指示灯熄灭后,向左滑动电源按钮以打开蓝牙模式,打开后指示灯将不会亮起
  • 2.在电源按钮滑到蓝牙模式后,按住DPI按钮3秒钟,鼠标将闪烁蓝光,然后调整为蓝牙模式。
  • 3.打开手机计算机的蓝牙,添加设备,然后搜索蓝牙名称[BT5.1 Mouse]。通常需要10秒到1分钟。如果系统兼容但仍然找不到,则可以尝试再次打开和关闭鼠标。
  • 4.蓝牙名称[BT5.1 Mouse]出现在手机计算机上,单击配对连接,即可正常使用。
  • 注意
  • 台式计算机需要蓝牙适配器才能使用蓝牙功能。鼠标只能同时连接到一个设备,最好使用2.4g接收器。
  • iPhonetablet连接需要打开辅助触摸,步骤为[设置-辅助功能-辅助触摸]
  • 包裹包括
  • 铝合金蓝牙鼠标* 1
  • MicroUSB充电线* 1
  • 无线接收器(位于鼠标底部)* 1

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