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ខ្សែសាកថ្មទូរស័ព្ទចូលថ្មលឿន Niye Charging Cable Data USB Cable 3 In 1 Fast Charger Lightning IOS Micro USB Type C Cable

#NIY404930 ខ្សែរភ្ជាប់​ទូរស័ព្ទ Selected by LITTLEFASHION

$4.00   $1.50 App Only

  • Welcome to Niye Mall
  • All products in our store will be tested by professional department before shipment
  • 【After placing an order】
  • 【Phnom Penh area】: received within 4 hours
  • 【In Cambodia】: received within 2 days
  • If you encounter quality problems, please contact us immediately
  • Company vision: "Committed to creating a better user experience, so that more users can use the most cost-effective products."
  • Brand Name: Niye
  • Color classification: black, gold, silver
  • Length: 1.0M
  • Material: aluminum shell + high density nylon braided wire
  • Cable length: 100 cm
  • Output: 3.6-12V, up to 2.4A-
  • Suitable for: iPhone + Type C + Micro USB interface device
  • Warranty period: 1 month
  • Note: Only fast charging is supported, data cannot be transferred
  • feature:
  • 3-in-1 USB cable, suitable for all types of devices.
  • With a USB data cable, you do not need to use a different data cable for each device. At the end of the line, you will find 3 different types of ports, namely Lightning, USB Type-C and Micro USB, making it compatible with today's latest devices.
  • Charge three devices at the same time without reducing the charging speed.
  • Kle current charging can reduce battery damage caused by improper charging, thereby protecting your device.
  • Nylon thread is strong and durable, not easy to break.
  • Cute piggy design attracts your attention
  • High-quality tinned copper wire ensures fast charging
  • Perform high-speed data synchronization and fast charging cables at the same time.
  • Exquisite hook and loop bandages are provided free of charge, which is convenient and quick.
  • Quality materials. Tinned copper wire can be bent more than 5000 times without changing performance.
  • High compatibility. Compatible with most micro USB digital devices, such as smart phones, tablets, MP3 players, PDAs, digital cameras/camcorders, hard drives, e-books, mobile power supplies, portable game consoles, etc.
  • The package contains:
  • Three-in-one fast charging cable*1
  • Exquisite packaging*1
  • 欢迎来到Niye购物中心
  • 我们商店中的所有产品将在发货前经过专业部门的测试
  • 【下订单后】
  • 【金边地区】:4小时内收到
  • 【在柬埔寨】:2天内收到
  • 如果您遇到质量问题,请立即与我们联系
  • 公司愿景:“致力于创造更好的用户体验,使更多的用户可以使用最具成本效益的产品。”
  • 品牌名称:Niye
  • 颜色分类:黑色,金色,银色
  • 长度:1.0M
  • 材质:铝壳+高密度尼龙编织线
  • 电缆长度:100厘米
  • 输出:3.6-12V,最高2.4A-
  • 适用于:iPhone + C型+ Micro USB接口设备
  • 保修期:1个月
  • 注意:仅支持快速充电,无法传输数据
  • 特征:
  • 3合1 USB电缆,适用于所有类型的设备。
  • 使用USB数据线,您无需为每个设备使用不同的数据线。在该行的结尾,您将找到3种不同类型的端口,即Lightning,USB Type-C和Micro USB,使其与当今的最新设备兼容。
  • 同时为三个设备充电,而不会降低充电速度。
  • Kle电流充电可以减少因充电不当造成的电池损坏,从而保护您的设备。
  • 尼龙线结实耐用,不易折断。
  • 可爱的小猪设计吸引了您的注意力
  • 高品质镀锡铜线可确保快速充电
  • 同时执行高速数据同步和快速充电电缆。
  • 免费提供精美的钩环绷带,方便快捷。
  • 优质的材料。镀锡铜线可弯曲5000次以上,而不会改变性能。
  • 高兼容性。与大多数微型USB数字设备兼容,例如智能手机,平板电脑,MP3播放器,PDA,数码相机/便携式摄像机,硬盘驱动器,电子书,移动电源,便携式游戏机等。
  • 该软件包包含:
  • 三合一快速充电电缆* 1
  • 精美包装* 1

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