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Cycling Code Table Accessory LCD Backlight Bike Computer Wired Odometer Bicycle Speedometer

#LJJ393887 គ្រឿងសម្រាប់ម៉ូតូនិងកង់ Selected by LITTLEFASHION

$8.30 App Only

  • Feature:
  • 1. The new multi-function bicycle odometer dynamically displays information such as speed, distance and time of riding. It also includes thermometer, clock and stopwatch functions.
  • 2. Select KPH or MPH - maximum speed displayed as 99 MPH.
  • 3. Suitable for all wheel sizes - adjustable from the Settings menu, for Speedo is a one-click away to avoid theft, perfect for hanging fork.
  • 4. Waterproof- waterproof, suitable for all conditions.
  • 5. Blue backlight - press any key at night and the light lasts for 4 seconds. Imported sensor, stable performance, accurate speed.
  • Specification:
  • Condition: 100% Brand New
  • Item Type: Bike Code Table
  • Material: Engineering plastics, LCD display, electronic components
  • Color: as picture shown
  • Display: Double line four window display
  • Size: approx. 9x4.5x1.5cm/3.5x1.8x0.6inch
  • Screen size: approx. 7.3x1.7cm/2.9x0.7inch
  • Wire length: 82cm/32.3inch
  • Battery: 1 x CR2032 button battery (including)
  • Function:
  • Dynamic display of mileage, cycling time, real-time speed, travel time, current time, current date;
  • Check the fast speed, average speed, total driving time, total mileage and current temperature at any time;
  • With luminous function, it adopts high brightness and cold light source, so that you can see your cycling information at a glance at night (17:00 PM - 8:00 am press any key to light up the backlight, and it will automatically turn off after about 4 seconds; otherwise, press any key to turn off the light);
  • With choice of metric/imperial units, suitable for different users at home and abroad.
  • Vehicle refueling/maintenance tips to ensure your car has a good performance and life;
  • With 12/24 hour system, Celsius/Fahrenheit temperature unit selection, calendar function, so that you travel more grasp;
  • With stopwatch function, let you accurately grasp the race information;
  • With speed warning function, you can drive more safely;
  • Wide range of application, suitable for 4"-40" bicycle/electric car, even motorcycle use;
  • Speed comparison indic
  • 卖点词:
  • 1. 这种新型多功能自行车里程表可以动态显示骑行时的行驶速度、里程和时间等信息。它还包括温度计、时钟和秒表的功能。
  • 2. 选择公里小时或英里小时-最大速度显示为99英里小时
  • 3. 适合所有车轮尺寸-可在“设置”菜单中调整,Speedo只需单击以避免被盗,非常适合悬挂式拨叉
  • 商品参数:
  • 品名:自行车码表
  • 型号:SD-558A
  • 数量:1件
  • 材质:工程塑料,LCD显示屏,电子元件等
  • 显示:双行四窗口显示
  • 尺寸:产品尺寸9*4.5*1.5CM;显示屏尺寸7.3*1.7CM;线的长度约82CM
  • 电源:1粒CR2032纽扣电池(含)
  • 主要功能:
  • 动态显示行驶里程、骑车时间、实时车速、行程时间、当前时间、当前日期;
  • 随时查询快速度、平均速度、行车总时间、行车总里程、当前温度;
  • 具夜光功能,采用高亮度冷光源,让你夜间骑行查询资料一目了然(下午17:00-早上8:00按任意键背光点亮,约4秒后自动息灭,其它时间按任意键不亮);
  • 具公制/英制单位选择,适合国内外不同用户的使用爱好;
  • 车辆加油/维护提示,保障你的爱车拥有佳的性能与寿命;
  • 具12/24小时制,摄氏/华氏温度单位选择,万年历功能,让你出行更具把握;
  • 具秒表功能,让你准确掌握比赛资料;
  • 具超速提醒功能,让你行车更安全;
  • 适用范围广,适合4"-40"自行车/电动车,甚至摩托车上使用;
  • 速度对比指示、随时掌握速度变化状况;
  • 采用进口感应器,性能稳定,速度准确,超宽工作温度;
  • 环境温度显示、时钟功能;
  • 自动待机功能
  • 时尚外光设计,防雨水设计,便擦,易拆卸
  • 描述:
  • 这种新型多功能自行车里程表可以动态显示骑行时的行驶速度、里程和时间等信息。它还包括温度计、时钟和秒表的功能。
  • 选择公里小时或英里小时-最大速度显示为99英里小时
  • 适合所有车轮尺寸-可在“设置”菜单中调整,Speedo只需单击以避免被盗,非常适合悬挂式拨叉
  • 防水-防水,适用于所有条件
  • 蓝色背光-晚上按任意键,灯可保持4秒。进口传感器,性能稳定,速度准确。
  • 包装清单:
  • 自行车码表*1 清单: 用户手册*1 扎线*6 螺丝*2 螺帽*2 磁铁*1 变送器传感器*1 安装靴*1 小支架座配件*1 小配件*2

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