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Adorable Baby Bibs Waterproof Long Sleeve Cartoon Animal Boy Apron Robe Bib Burp Eat Baby Bibs For Eating Bavoir Bibs Clothes

#HIB392596 ក្រណាត់ទ្រាប់កការពារកម្អែល Selected by LITTLEFASHION

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Description: Waterproof bibs, grease-proof, easy to clean you can just wipe off the stains with a towel, and hang dry quickly It features cute and sweet pattern ,great for baby infant wearing Weaning bibs will help make mealtime less messy and clean up easier! Essential for babies feeding time or as an art apron smock sleeved bib Feature: -Trendy and Stylish Drool Bibs - Our bandana bibs' unique designs that are fashion-forward. They are versatile and the perfect finishing touch is ideal for any outfit. Stylish pattern,suitable for both boys and girls. -As a parent we always care about giving best healthy products to our babies because they so sensitive. These stylish drool bibs are made of premium cotton blend, super absorbent polyester fleece on the back that keeps your baby completely dry even with the drooliest of babies. great for teething babies! -Printing and Beautiful Design - Our product made with healthy and unique printing and dyeing to make sure it will not harm to the baby’s delicate skin and be the best to protect your baby from drooling. -Easy to be matched with clothes and adjust to fit your baby perfectly, keep your baby clothes completely dry, Great for teething & drooling babies. Both hand wash and machine wash is OK. -baby fashion accessory and these are something used by almost all parents, it’s not only care the wetness of the baby but also reduces the work for the new mother; easier to change the bibs than clothes. so make this thoughtful gift as a best gift for baby shower, birth days, holiday gift, christmas or even for a special occasion. Every mama’s will love this. Baby looks amazing with the bibs. -It is made of high quality materials,soft hand feeling, no any harm to your baby's skin -Gender: Girls, Boys -Style: Casual, Cute -Pattern: cartoon -Material: EVA -Tops Length:45cm -Bust: 35cm -Sleeve Length:34cm -Style: a variety of patterns are available Packing list: 1*bib Note: 1. Please allow 1-3mm difference due to manual measurement. 2. Due to different displays and lights, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. Thanks for your understanding.
描述: 防水围兜,防油,易于清洁,只需用毛巾擦去污渍,然后快速挂干 它具有可爱甜美的图案,非常适合婴儿穿着 断奶围嘴将有助于减少进餐时间的混乱程度,并使清理工作更加轻松!对于婴儿喂养时间或作为艺术围裙工作服袖口围兜至关重要 特征: -时髦时尚的流口水围嘴-我们的头巾围嘴具有独特的设计,非常时尚。它们用途广泛,完美的画龙点睛是任何服装的理想选择。时尚的图案,适合男孩和女孩。 -作为父母,我们总是关心为婴儿提供最好的健康产品,因为它们是如此的敏感。这些时尚的流口水围兜由优质棉混纺制成,背面有超强吸收性的涤纶绒毛,即使在婴儿最轻松的情况下也可以使宝宝完全干燥。非常适合婴儿出牙! -印刷精美的设计-我们的产品采用健康独特的印染工艺制成,以确保它不会伤害婴儿的娇嫩皮肤,并且是保护宝宝免于流口水的最佳选择。 -易于与衣服搭配,并进行调整以完全适合您的宝宝,使宝宝的衣服完全干燥,非常适合出牙和流口水的婴儿。手洗和机洗都可以。 -婴儿时尚配饰,几乎所有父母都在使用,它不仅可以照顾婴儿的湿气,还可以减少新妈妈的工作;比衣服更容易更换围兜。因此,请将此周到的礼物作为送礼,送礼,生日,节日礼物,圣诞节甚至是特殊场合的最佳礼物。每个妈妈都会喜欢的婴儿围兜看起来很棒。 -它采用优质材料制成,手感柔软,对宝宝的皮肤无任何伤害 -性别:女孩,男孩 风格:休闲,可爱 -模式:卡通 -材料.. EVA -上衣长:45cm -胸围:35cm -袖长:34cm -样式:多种图案可供选择 打包清单: 1 *围兜 注意: 1.由于手工测量,请允许1-3mm的距离。 2.由于显示和灯光的不同,图片可能无法反映该物品的实际颜色。 感谢你的理解。

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