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កាំម៉េរាថតរូប វីដេអូ Hot Sale 1080P Digital Camera Flip 2.4 Inch TFT-LCD Video Camcorder HD Vlog

#BLI392370 កាមេរ៉ានិងដ្រូន Selected by LITTLEFASHION

$23.00 App Only

  • Description:
  • Digital Full HD 1080P 16MP Camera Professional Video Camcorder Vlogging Flip Selfie camera
  • Features:
  • Supports 1080P video resolution and 16MP image sensor resolution, you can capture and record wonderful times with family and friends via this vlog camera at any time.
  • With 2.4inch screen, 16x digital zoom. Anti-shake, face detect, smile capture, continue shot, self timer, 16x digital zoom, the built-in microphones, the built-in speaker etc. The digital camera is small, lightweight so you can carry it everywhere.
  • Just pop up the front flash light manually to illuminate a larger area. With the help of retractrable flash light, 2.4 TFT LCD screen display which can be flipped takes selfies with excellent performance in low light conditions, adding more fun when shooting high-definition photos.
  • The right size and can be placed in the hand without having to carry heavy equipment and it is lightly loaded. Easy to use with simple operation, perfect gift for amateurs and beginners to take great selfies and start filming.
  • With exquisite looking and portable design, this compact camera can be used to shoot landscape, portrait and capture all of your memories, ideal gift for recording travel, sports events, weddings, birthday parties, sharing Facebookvloggingblog etc.
  • Specifications:
  • Specifications and parameters of the CMOS sensor, up to 16 million pixels
  • Storage medium can be expanded to 32 gb SD cardHCSD card(not include)
  • Automatic sensitivity, ISO100 ISO200, ISO400
  • Lens fixed lens F 3.2, F = 7.6 mm
  • 1.2 m - infinity focus range
  • Static images jpegVGA, 1 m, 3 m, 5 m and 12 m, 16 m (interpolation)
  • Clips AVI 1080 p, 720 p VGA
  • 16x digital zoom, zoom
  • Image stabilization function support LED lighting lamp 1.0 m range openingclosing
  • Automatic white balancesuncloudybulbsfluorescent lamp
  • Exposure compensation - 2.0 + 2.0
  • Take time off 2 seconds 5 seconds 10 second
  • Computer usb interface (high speed)
  • Automatic shutdown 13510 minutes
  • The built-in microphones
  • The speaker built-in
  • 2.4 inch TFT - LCD LCD screen (16 million pixels, 4:3)
  • NTSCPAL video output
  • Power lithium ion battery NP - 5 c
  • Package Included:
  • 1x Video Camcorder
  • 1x User manual
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 描述:
  • 数码全高清1080P 16MP摄像机专业视频摄像机Vlogging翻转自拍相机
  • 特征:
  • 支持1080P视频分辨率和16MP图像传感器分辨率,您可以随时通过此vlog摄像机捕获和记录与家人和朋友的美好时光。
  • 配备2.4英寸屏幕,16倍数码变焦。防抖,面部检测,微笑捕捉,连拍,自拍,16倍数码变焦,内置麦克风,内置扬声器等。数码相机体积小,重量轻,因此您可以随身携带。
  • 只需手动弹出前闪光灯即可照亮更大的区域。借助可伸缩闪光灯,可翻转的2.4 TFT LCD屏幕显示屏可在弱光条件下拍摄自拍,表现出色,在拍摄高清照片时更添乐趣。
  • 尺寸合适,可以放在手中,而无需携带重型设备,并且重量轻。易于使用,操作简单,是业余爱好者和初学者的理想礼物,可以拍好自拍照并开始拍摄。
  • 这款精致的相机具有精美的外观和便携式设计,可用于拍摄风景,肖像并捕捉您的所有回忆,是录制旅行,体育赛事,婚礼,生日聚会,分享Facebook 视频博客等的理想礼物。
  • 规格:
  • CMOS传感器的规格和参数,最大1600万像素
  • 存储介质可以扩展到32 GB SD卡 HCSD卡(不包括)
  • 自动感光度,ISO100,ISO200,ISO400
  • 镜头固定镜头F 3.2,F = 7.6 mm
  • 1.2 m-无限远对焦范围
  • 静态影像jpeg VGA,1 m,3 m,5 m和12 m,16 m(插值)
  • 剪辑AVI 1080 p,720 p VGA
  • 16倍数码变焦,变焦
  • 图像稳定功能支持1.0 m范围内打开关闭的LED照明灯
  • 自动白平衡太阳阴天灯泡荧光灯
  • 曝光补偿-2.0 + 2.0
  • 抽出时间 2秒5秒 10秒
  • 电脑USB接口(高速)
  • 自动关机 13510分钟
  • 内置麦克风
  • 扬声器内置
  • 2.4英寸TFT-LCD LCD屏幕(1600万像素,4:3)
  • NTSC PAL视频输出
  • 动力锂离子电池NP-5 c
  • 套餐包括:
  • 1x摄录机
  • 1x用户手册
  • 1x USB线

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