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ដុំកង់រុញហាត់ប្រាណ Abs Wheel Exercise Gym Roller Abdominal Core Fitness Muscle Trainer Ab Roller

#TRY392346 កីឡា និង ការថែរក្សាសម្រស់ Selected by LITTLEFASHION

$6.99   $6.64 App Only

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  • Features:
  • Excellent in Use: The wheel is the anti-slip roller, which features the comfortable grip, silent design, stable force, convenient disassembly, safe bearing! And the wheel is suitable for family fitness exercise to keep you healthy!
  • Easy to Use: The abdomen wheel is easy to assemble, which features the new ergonomic TPR rubber to be upgraded, and it features the sweat-absorbing hand grips, and it is comfortable and durable. And the built-in thick steel provides excellent weight capacity about 440lbs.
  • Wide Wheel: The wheel measures about 7 inches in width! And the ultra-wide wheels support enhanced balance and stability, which will make your workout smooth.
  • Practical in Use: The wheel features the functional automatic spring back or roll back function to protect from pulling muscles, which is the best exercise wheel, and it is easier for beginners, men, women and teenagers to use.
  • Fine Quality: The wheel is the slip-resistant TPE wheel, firm and silent, which won't damage the wooden floor surface and carpet. And it is perfect for home gym workout, and it is the exercise equipment for men women, which is suitable for boxing and MMA fitness training.
  • Specifications:
  • Name: Abdominal Wheel
  • Material: ABS + steel
  • Product color: red, yellow
  • Product size: 30 * 16CM11.81*6.30in
  • Product weight: 700g
  • Application: fat-burning and muscle-building
  • Packing List:
  • 1*Abdominal Wheel
  • 特征:
  • 使用效果出色:车轮为防滑辊,抓地舒适,静音设计,受力稳定,拆卸方便,安全轴承!而且滚轮适合家庭健身锻炼,以保持健康!
  • 易于使用:腹部轮易于组装,其特点是要进行升级的符合人体工程学的新型TPR橡胶,具有吸汗手柄,舒适耐用。内置的厚钢提供了约440磅的出色承重量。
  • 宽轮:轮的宽度约为7英寸!超宽轮子支持增强的平衡性和稳定性,这将使您的锻炼变得流畅。
  • 使用中的实用性:滚轮具有功能性的自动回弹或后滚功能,可防止肌肉受到拉扯,这是最好的健身轮,对于初学者,男女老少都更容易使用。
  • 优良的品质:该轮是防滑的TPE轮,坚固而静音,不会损坏木质地板表面和地毯。它非常适合家庭健身房锻炼,是男女健身运动器材,适合拳击和MMA健身训练。
  • 规格:
  • 名称:腹轮
  • 材质:ABS +钢
  • 产品颜色:红色,黄色
  • 产品尺寸:30 * 16CM 11.81 * 6.30in
  • 产品重量:700g
  • 应用:燃烧脂肪和锻炼肌肉
  • 打包清单:
  • 1 *腹轮

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