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អំពូលភ្លើងលើតុ LED USB Long Lamp Holder Clip Small Table Lamp

#GAG391266 ភ្លើងអំពូលលើតុ Selected by LITTLEFASHION

$3.10   $2.79 App Only

  • Description:
  • Light up your keyboard. Using your laptop in bed, on the train or whilst the family is enjoying a movie can leave you peering at a dimly lit keyboard. Simply plug in this USB light to illuminate the keys without disturbing anyone. With a handy clamp, the LED light can be attached to your desk, shelf or headboard giving you the ultimate lighting precision. LED bulbs are environmentally friendly as they are considerably more energy efficient than traditional bulbs.
  • Features:
  • Natural, soft light is perfect for reading and protecting your eyes.
  • Energy saving, long life span, and eco-friendly.
  • LED light source without stroboscopic, free from glare
  • Prevent Short-sighted in advance.
  • No ultraviolet ray. No high frequency radiation.
  • The LED Lamp can be clamped on the edge of desk, bookshelf, and bedside table etc.
  • The flexible metal tubing can be rotated, and the light can be shown from arbitrary angles with an intensity control button.
  • It's durable, portable and flexible for indoor and outdoor activities
  • Subject range: reading, desk lighting, bedside reading, computer lighting, dresser lighting.
  • Specifications:
  • Condition: New
  • Item Type: USB table lamps
  • Super bright USB light with 13 long-life LED bulbs
  • Bright LED light with ON / OFF switch
  • Item Size(Approx.):
  • - Lamp Length: 17.5cm / 6.89in
  • - Clip Length: 9cm / 3.54in
  • - Goose Neck Length: 17cm / 6.69
  • - USB Cable Length: 112cm / 44.09in
  • Material: ABS + metal
  • Color Options: White, Green
  • Weight: Approx. 115~121g
  • Quantity: 1 Pc
  • Package Includes:
  • 1 x LED Light with USB Cable
  • Note:
  • 1. Please allow 1-2cm error due to manual measurement. Thanks for your understanding.
  • 2. Monitors are not calibrated same, item color displayed in photos may be showing slightly different from the real object. Please take the real one as standard.
  • 描述:
  • 点亮键盘。在床上,火车上或全家人欣赏电影时使用笔记本电脑可以让您凝视昏暗的键盘。只需插入此USB灯即可点亮按键,而不会打扰任何人。使用方便的夹子,LED灯可以连接到您的书桌,书架或床头板上,从而为您提供极致的照明精度。 LED灯泡对环境友好,因为它们比传统灯泡节能得多。
  • 特征:
  • 自然柔和的光线非常适合阅读和保护眼睛。
  • 节能,寿命长,环保。
  • LED光源无频闪,无眩光
  • 预先防止近视。
  • 无紫外线。无高频辐射。
  • LED灯可以固定在桌子,书架和床头柜等的边缘。
  • 柔性金属管可以旋转,并且可以使用强度控制按钮从任意角度显示光线。
  • 它耐用,便携式且灵活,适合室内和室外活动
  • 主题范围:阅读,书桌照明,床头阅读,计算机照明,梳妆台照明。
  • 规格:
  • 条件:新
  • 产品类型:USB台灯
  • 超亮USB灯带13个长寿命LED灯泡
  • 带ON / OFF开关的高亮LED灯
  • 项目大小(大约):
  • -灯长:17.5cm / 6.89in
  • -夹长:9cm / 3.54in
  • -鹅颈长度:17厘米/ 6.69
  • -USB电缆长度:112厘米/44.09英寸
  • 材质:ABS +金属
  • 颜色选项:白色,绿色
  • 重量:约115〜121克
  • 数量:1件
  • 包裹包括:
  • 1个带USB电缆的LED灯
  • 注意:
  • 1.由于手工测量,请允许1-2cm的误差。感谢你的理解。
  • 2.显示器校准不一致,照片中显示的项目颜色可能与实际物体略有不同。请以实际的为准。

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