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ភ្លើងពណ៌ចម្រុះលេងម៉ូតក្នុងឡាន Car Interior Lights, Led Strip Light 4pcs 48 USB LED Interior Lights, Multicolor Music Car Strip Light Under Dash Lighting Kit With Sound Active Function And Remote Controller, 12volt

#LAT388113 អំពូល LED Selected by LITTLEFASHION

$8.00   $4.00 App Only

  • 1. Upgraded Two Line Design: The interior car lights has two lines connecting with four strip lights, so that it can easy to install and hide in car
  • 2. Music Activated: With a built-in high sensitive mic, it adjusts colors and speed following the ambient music as well as sound. Enjoy the fun of light changing with car stereo music and your voice.
  • 3. Hassle-free Control:Simply tap a button to change light colors and brightness with the control box. Able to stick it on an easy-to-reach place for your safe driving. Remote control is also a simple way to adjust the light.
  • 4. Decorate Your Car:Personalize the car interior space with 16 million static colors, 2 jumping change, 2 fade, 7 gradual change, 3 cross fade, 8 strobe flash modes equipped. Create diverse ambience to match different moods. Start to spice up your colorful driving!
  • 5. Protect What Matters:The rubber tubing outside offers sturdy protection. It effectively protects lights from water spills. And low temperature resistance ensures your lights work well even in cold winter.
  • 1.升级的两线设计:车内灯有两条线与四个带状灯相连,易于安装和隐藏在车内。
  • 2.音乐激活:内置高灵敏度麦克风,可根据环境音乐和声音调节颜色和速度。享受随着汽车立体声音乐和您的声音改变光线的乐趣。
  • 3.轻松控制:只需点击一个按钮即可通过控制盒更改灯光颜色和亮度。可以将其粘贴在安全的地方,以确保安全驾驶。也可以通过遥控器调节光线。
  • 4.装饰您的汽车:配备1600万种静态颜色,2种跳跃变化,2种渐变,7种渐变,3种交叉渐变,8种频闪闪光模式,个性化汽车内部空间。创造多样化的氛围,以适应不同的心情。开始为您丰富多彩的驾驶增添趣味!
  • 5.保护事项:外面的橡胶管提供坚固的保护。它有效地保护了灯免于洒水。耐低温性即使在寒冷的冬天也能确保您的灯正常工作。

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