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ដែកកេះអេឡិចត្រូនិច Charging Lighter Smart Charging Lighter Net Red Sports Car Double Arc USB Windproof Lighter Gift For Tank/Aquarium/Garden/Party/Christmas/Halloween

#PND386439 ដែកកេះ Selected by LITTLEFASHION

$15.00   $7.50 App Only

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  • ╠═╬═╬═╬═╬ ═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╣
  • 1. Color: multicolor, blue, black, gold, silver
  • 2. Size: length 82mm * width 35.5mm * height 17.5mm
  • 3. Material: zinc alloy
  • 4. Function: double arc, cool shape, fingerprint sensing, USB charging, outdoor windproof, cycle charging
  • 5. Product packaging: lighter * 1 USB data cable * 1 manual * 1 gift box (packing box) * 1
  • 6. Instructions for use:
  • (1) Open the head cover, work light is on, touch switch, double arc ignition
  • (2) If the system is used for more than 10 seconds, the system will stop supplying power.
  • (3) LED power display: red (0-25%) / purple (50%) / blue (75%) / green (100%)
  • (4) Reuse: Only 10 seconds of ignition time can be used at a time. After closing the lid, open the lid again and continue to use it. So reciprocate until the battery is low. (can continue to use after charging)
  • (5) The product adopts intelligent security protection system and intelligent induction to make you feel comfortable.
  • 7. Note:
  • (1) If the battery is low after receiving the product, please use it after charging.
  • (2) The product uses an intelligent fingerprint sensing system. Cannot be used after opening the head cover. Please close the head cover and open the head cover again to continue to use (if there is no feeling when you touch the switch for the first time, please don't worry; just close the head cover and open it to continue using it); close the hood system will Reset, so don't worry about the product being unusable)
  • (3) It is strictly f
  • 尊敬的顾客,欢迎光临本店!
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  • 1.我们保证这是100%全新的优质产品。
  • 2.我们保证以最快的物流送到您家。
  • 提示:如果您对我们的产品有任何疑问,请与我们联系,我们将尽力为您解决问题。 (^_^)
  • ═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╣
  • 1.颜色:多色,蓝色,黑色,金色,银色
  • 2.尺寸:长82mm *宽35.5mm *高17.5mm
  • 3.材质:锌合金
  • 4.功能:双弧,酷造型,指纹感应,USB充电,户外防风,循环充电
  • 5.产品包装:打火机* 1条USB数据线* 1条说明书* 1个礼品盒(包装盒)* 1个
  • 6.使用说明:
  • (1)打开头盖,工作灯点亮,轻触开关,双弧点火
  • (2)如果系统使用时间超过10秒钟,则系统将停止供电。
  • (3)LED电源显示:红色(0-25%)/紫色(50%)/蓝色(75%)/绿色(100%)
  • (4)重用:一次只能使用10秒钟的点火时间。合上盖子后,再次打开盖子并继续使用。因此往复运动直到电池电量低。 (充电后可以继续使用)
  • (5)产品采用智能安全保护系统和智能感应,让您倍感舒适。
  • 7.注意:
  • (1)收到产品后,如果电池电量不足,请在充电后使用。
  • (2)产品使用智能指纹感应系统。打开头盖后不能使用。请关闭头盖并再次打开头盖以继续使用(如果第一次触摸开关时没有任何感觉,请不要担心;只需关闭头盖并打开即可继续使用) ;合上引擎盖系统将重置,因此不必担心产品无法使用)
  • (3)严禁将本产品放入水或液体中(这可能导致短路!)
  • (4)严禁点燃本产品(可能引起爆炸)。
  • (5)产品具有使用说明(您可以组合使用产品详细信息,产品图片手册以了解有关该产品的更多信息)
  • 如果您有任何疑问,请与我们联系。如果您满意,可以给我们一个很好的评价,谢谢!
  • ═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╣
  • 我们商店的成长与您对我们的支持密不可分。
  • 非常感谢您的支持和理解。愿您的每一天都充满阳光。(^_^)

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