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Transfer Paper 100pcs Cup Thermal Heat Transfer Paper Polyester Fabric T-Shirt Self Weeding Printing Paper

#PND385000 ម្ហូបនិងទំនិញប្រើក្នុងផ្ទះ Selected by LITTLEFASHION

$7.00   $5.60 App Only

  • Feature:
  • The printed pattern is super washable, whether it is hand or machine wash, it is not easy to appear color loss.
  • After transfer, the pattern penetrates into the fabric. It has no gel texture and is slim and comfortable.
  • The color is highly restored to the original color. After transfer, the pattern and the original image can maintain a high degree of consistency.
  • Anti-sticking paper can be easily separated from base paper and easy to operate.
  • Usage: Material with cotton content less than 35%, or polyester fabric, also suitable for mobile phone shell, lithographic printing, ceramics, etc.
  • Specification:
  • Size: A4 / 29.7*21cm
  • Compatible Ink: Sublimation Ink Only
  • Transfer temperature: 190 - 210 ℃
  • Transfer time: 10 - 40 seconds
  • Package list:
  • 100 * Transfer Paper
  • Note:
  • The actual product color may deviate from the photo due to light.
  • There may be a slight deviation in the measurement of product.
  • Print:
  • Printer settings. We recommend selecting the "Photo Quality Inkjet Paper" mode for the best print results.
  • Print the desired image onto the transferred paper. Then dry it for about 10 minutes.
  • Cut the image leaving a narrow margin of 5 mm around the edge of the pattern.
  • Transfer:
  • Preheat the hot press and set the recommended transfer temperature to 185 degrees Celsius.
  • Place the image printed paper on the textile with the image facing down.
  • Press for 10-40 seconds under a certain pressure and then remove the textile from the machine.
  • Immediately peel the paper base or heat or cool it for best results.
  • Washing instructions:
  • It is best not to wash the textile within 24 hours of transfer.
  • Wash the textile in cool or 30-40 degrees Celsius water and remove the transferred pattern from the inside.
  • Do not wash with strong alkaline detergents or bleach. Do not wipe the transferred pattern while washing your hands.
  • Do not wring out. It is recommended to dry in a cool place.
  • 标题:
  • 热转印纸非棉莫代尔转印纸烤杯手机壳
  • 英文关键词:Transfer paper
  • 套餐包括:
  • 100张x A4染料升华热转印纸
  • 产品规格:
  • 产品名称:100张A4染料升华热转印纸
  • 规格:100gsm A4(210 * 297mm)100张
  • 支持的喷墨打印机:爱普生,兄弟,惠普等
  • 兼容墨水:仅限升华墨水
  • 转移温度:190 - 210°C
  • 转移时间:10 - 40秒
  • 说明:
  • 用途:棉含量低于35%的材料,大多用于涤纶织物;适用于手机壳,平版印刷,陶瓷等
  • 建议:
  • 印刷:
  • 打印机设置。我们建议选择“照片质量喷墨纸”模式以获得最佳打印效果。
  • 将想要的图像打印到转印的纸张上。然后将其晾干约10分钟。
  • 剪切图像,在图案边缘周围留下5mm的窄边距。
  • 转移:
  • 预热热压机,并将建议的转印温度设定为185摄氏度。
  • 将图像打印的纸张放在纺织品上,使图像朝下。
  • 在一定压力下压下10-40秒,然后从机器上取下纺织品。
  • 立即剥离纸基,或者将其加热或冷却以获得最佳效果。
  • 洗涤说明:
  • 最好不要在转移后24小时内清洗纺织品。
  • 在凉爽或30-40摄氏度的水中洗涤纺织品,将转移的图案从里面取出。
  • 不要用强碱性洗涤剂清洗,也不要漂白。洗手时不要擦拭转移的图案。
  • 不要拧干。建议在阴凉处干燥。

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