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#GAG384393 គ្រឿងអេឡិចត្រូនិចក្នុងផ្ទះ Selected by LITTLEFASHION

$26.00   $23.40 App Only

  • Description:
  • Material: Solid Steel
  • Colour: Black
  • Opens with digital PIN or included override key
  • Hidden lock with one key
  • Don't put the key in the safe.
  • Security code from 3-8 digits using any number from 0-9
  • Constructed with 2mm Thick Solid Steel
  • 4mm Thick Front Door for More Security
  • Pre-drilled holes behind the safe with included 5cm bolts for anchoring
  • Inside tamper-proof hinges
  • The use of plastic panels, there will be no problem in transport
  • Led:
  • Green: the password is entered correctly;
  • Red: power is low, need to replace the battery;
  • Yellow light: password input error
  • Specifications:
  • Operation: Digital PIN or Override Key
  • Battery Required: 4 x AA-Size 1.5V (included)
  • 3 input password error system will automatically lock 20 seconds
  • 3-8 bit electronic password open
  • Installation: the back and bottom of the box has two mounting holes, can be attached to the application of the expansion screw fixed on a wall or the ground (also on the wall opening fixing hole in the wall), or use wood screws fixed in the cupboard.
  • Note: Only 20L size has two layers.
  • Size:
  • S:6.4L Height: 170mm Width: 230mm Deepth: 170mm
  • M:8.5L Height: 200mm Width: 310mm Deepth: 200mm
  • L:16L Hight: 250mm Width: 350mm Deepth: 250mm
  • XL:20L Hight: 300mm Width: 380mm Deepth: 300mm
  • Pls Keep In Mind Of Your Password, If you forget it will never open it!!
  • Package List:
  • 1 * Security Lock Digital Safe Box
  • 描述:
  • 材质:实心钢
  • 颜色:黑色
  • 用数字PIN或附带的替代键打开
  • 一键隐藏锁
  • 请勿将钥匙放在保险箱中。
  • 3-8位安全码,使用0-9之间的任何数字
  • 用2mm厚实心钢建造
  • 4mm厚的前门可提供更高的安全性
  • 保险柜后方预先钻孔,随附5厘米锚固螺栓
  • 内部防篡改铰链
  • 使用塑料面板,运输不会有问题
  • 发光二极管:
  • 绿色:密码输入正确;
  • 红色:电量低,需要更换电池;
  • 黄灯:密码输入错误
  • 规格:
  • 操作:数字PIN或优先键
  • 所需电池:4 x AA尺寸1.5V(随附)
  • 3输入密码错误系统将自动锁定20秒
  • 3-8位电子密码打开
  • 安装:盒子的背面和底部有两个安装孔,可将应用的膨胀螺丝固定在墙上或地面上(也可在墙上的墙壁固定孔中固定),或使用木螺丝固定在橱柜。
  • 注意:只有20L大小有两层。
  • 尺寸:
  • S:6.4L高度:170mm宽度:230mm深度:170mm
  • M:8.5L高度:200mm宽度:310mm深度:200mm
  • L:16L高度:250mm宽度:350mm深度:250mm
  • XL:20L高度:300mm宽度:380mm深度:300mm
  • 请记住您的密码,如果您忘记了它将永远不会打开它!
  • 包装清单:
  • 1 *安全锁数字保险箱

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