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14 Pouches 3D White Gel Teeth Whitening Strips Oral Hygiene Care Double Elastic Teeth Strips

#BAI384215 ថែធ្មេញនិងមាត់ Selected by LITTLEFASHION

$3.73 App Only

  • Description
  • Application:
  • 1.Extrinsic tooth discoloration(affected by coffee, tobacco, sauce, tea, food, etc)
  • 2.Intrinsic tooth discoloration(Mild fluorosis or tetracycline staining)
  • 3.Genetically yellow teeth
  • 4.Other cause of teeth discoloration
  • 5.All the people who want a whiter & brighter smile
  • Features:
  • Provides a no slip grip, so the strips stay put until you take them off
  • You can talk and even drink water while whitening teeth
  • The strip molds to the shape of your teeth
  • The strip comes off cleanly and easily
  • Package List:
  • 14 * Teeth Whitening Strips (1 * Teeth Shade Guide&1 * User Manual)
  • 14 Pouches for a course of treatment, it is recommended to use 3 courses of tooth whitening effect will be better!
  • Use the steps as follows:
  • 1. Take a bag of teeth (the inside of the bag contains the upper teeth and the lower ones.)
  • 2, cut the bag by cutting position, remove the whole piece of tooth paste.
  • 3, open the serrated incision and let the soft film lift
  • 4, gently remove the toothpaste
  • 5. In front of the mirror, stick a side-adjustable gingival line with whitening glue on the tooth surface to ensure that the rubber surface is in full contact with the tooth surface, and then fold the excess part to the back of the tooth and fix it to make it fixed.
  • The following items can help you use the toothpaste more correctly:
  • 1, Rinse mouth before and after each use, do not use toothpaste immediately after brushing
  • The
  • 2, When using a tooth sticker, it is easier to attach the tooth sticker and then attach the tooth sticker
  • The
  • 3, do not eat, smoke or sleep when using tooth paste
  • The
  • 4, according to personal circumstances, wearing a tooth paste time is generally the best 30 minutes, lighter teeth and teeth sensitive persons can shorten the use of time can also be used in intervals
  • The
  • 5, because the shape of the upper and lower tooth paste is different, so do not use it upside down
  • The
  • 6, in order to achieve the best results, it is recommended that you do a tooth whitening every s
  • 描述
  • 应用:
  • 1.外来牙齿变色(受咖啡,烟草,酱油,茶,食物等的影响)
  • 2.牙齿固有变色(轻度氟中毒或四环素染色)
  • 3.泛黄的牙齿
  • 4,牙齿变色的其他原因
  • 5,所有想要更白更亮的笑容的人
  • 特征:
  • 提供防滑抓地力,因此条带保持固定状态,直到您将其取下
  • 美白牙齿时您可以说话甚至喝水
  • 条带可塑造您的牙齿形状
  • 条带干净,容易脱落
  • 包装清单:
  • 14 *牙齿美白带(1 *牙齿阴影指南&1 *用户手册)
  • 14个小袋进行一个疗程,建议使用3个疗程的牙齿美白效果会更好!
  • 使用以下步骤:
  • 1.取一袋牙(袋的内部包含上牙和下牙。)
  • 2,按切割位置切开袋子,除去整块牙膏。
  • 3,打开锯齿状切口,让软膜抬起
  • 4,轻轻去除牙膏
  • 5.在镜子前面,用美白胶在牙齿表面粘贴一条侧面可调节的牙龈线,以确保橡胶表面与牙齿表面完全接触,然后将多余的部分折叠到牙齿的后部并修复它以使其修复。
  • 以下各项可以帮助您更正确地使用牙膏:
  • 1,每次使用前后都要漱口,刷牙后不要立即使用牙膏
  • 2,使用牙贴时,粘贴牙贴再粘贴牙贴比较容易
  • 3,使用牙膏时请勿进食,吸烟或睡觉
  • 4,根据个人情况,戴牙膏的时间一般最好是30分钟,较轻的牙齿和对牙齿敏感的人可以缩短使用时间,也可以间隔使用
  • 5,由于上下牙膏的形状不同,所以请勿上下颠倒使用
  • 6,为了达到最佳效果,建议您每隔一秒钟做一次牙齿美白

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