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Jewerly Band Compatible With Samsung Galaxy Watch Active/Active 2/Gear Watch 42mm,Handmade Night Luminous Pearl Pearl Wristband,20mm Band Adjustable Clasp Strap With Bracelet Elastic Bead

#SHC382787 ថែស្បែកជើង គ្រឿង នាឡិកា Selected by LITTLEFASHION

$18.00   $14.40 App Only

  • Adjustable Wristband Handmade Night Luminous Strap For Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm.
  • Feature:
  • ♥Wristband need to be illuminated during the day to glow at night.
  • ♥This newest stylish snug dressy Band is size adjustable. Connected by durable stainless steel link and strong elastic strings, you decide if you would want a tight fit or loose fit all be moving the heart-shaped clasp to the next ring. And you just need To adjust it on the first time as the string are elastic. So it fits for 99% women and girls. Recommended wrist size 5.5” to 7.5". It is super easy to take on and off without using any tools.
  • ♥This handmade night luminous pearl watch band is unique and fashionable compare with other listening bands, It emits a slow glow in a dark environment after light irradiated.
  • ♥Add a few drops of your favorite perfume or essential oil inside the pendant storage compartment and relax to the aroma of your favorite scent as it is emitting out of your wrist band. The pendant storage compartment contains a small cotton ball for your convenience.
  • ♥Classy and elegant watch band for everyday use or for those special days like Holiday Parties, Weddings, Birthdays, Valentines' day, Mothers' day, Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day etc.
  • ♥Wonderful handmade charming gift/present for you and your female friends. Will definitely make you eye catching and would brings you lots of compliments.
  • ✿✿specification
  • ♥Strap width: 20mm.
  • ♥Models for selection: for Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm SM-R810/SM-R815 /Active 40mm SM-R500/Gear Sport/S2 Classic Smart Watch bandsalso fit for any other watches with 20mm frame such as Huawei Watch 2/Moto 360 2nd Gen 42mm/Garmin Vivoactive 3/Ticwatch 2 et.
  • ♥Band Length: about 180MM.
  • ♥Suitable for inches: 5.5-7.5 inches.
  • ♥Applicable Wrist: About 140-203mm.
  • ✿✿Note:
  • Essential oil and perfume Not Included.
  • This product is for the replacement strap only.
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch is not included.
  • ✿Package includes:
  • 1 x Night Luminous Bracelet.
  • 可调式腕带手工夜用夜光表带,用于Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm。
  • 特征:
  • ♥腕带白天需要照亮,晚上才能发光。
  • ♥这款最新款时尚舒适的可穿戴束带可调节大小。通过耐用的不锈钢链环和坚固的弹力绳子连接,您可以决定将心形表扣移到下一个环时是紧身还是松紧。而且由于弦线具有弹性,您只需要在第一时间对其进行调整。因此,它适合99%的女性和女孩。推荐的手腕尺寸为5.5英寸至7.5英寸。无需使用任何工具即可轻松拆装。
  • ♥这款手工制作的夜光珍珠手表表带与其他听带相比是独特而时尚的,在黑暗的环境中,光线照射后会发出缓慢的辉光。
  • ♥在吊坠储物格内添加几滴您喜欢的香水或精油,并从腕带中散发出来,释放出您喜欢的气味的香气。吊坠储物盒内有一个小棉球,方便您使用。
  • ♥优雅典雅的表带,适合日常使用或特殊场合使用,例如节日派对,婚礼,生日,情人节,母亲节,万圣节,圣诞节,感恩节等。
  • ♥精美的手工迷人礼物/礼物,送给您和您的女性朋友。肯定会让您大吃一惊,并会给您带来很多赞美。
  • ✿✿规格
  • ♥皮带宽度:20mm
  • ♥供选择的型号:适用于42毫米三星Galaxy Watch SM-R810 / SM-R815 /主动式40毫米SM-R500 / Gear Sport / S2经典智能手表表带也适用于任何其他20毫米镜架的手表,例如Huawei Watch 2 / Moto 360 2nd Gen 42mm / Garmin Vivoactive 3 / Ticwatch 2等。
  • ♥频段长度:约180MM。
  • ♥适合英寸:5.5-7.5英寸。
  • ♥适用手腕:约140-203mm。
  • ✿✿注意:
  • 不含精油和香水。
  • 本产品仅用于替换皮带。
  • 不包括三星Galaxy Watch。
  • ✿包装包括:
  • 1 x夜光手链。

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