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Manual Coffee Grinder, Vintage Style Wooden Coffee Grinder Roller Grain Mill Hand Crank Coffee Grinders

#GOL381717 ម៉ាស៊ីនឆុងតែកាហ្វេ Selected by LITTLEFASHION

$27.00   $20.79 App Only

  • Manual Coffee Grinder : Built of High Quality Pine Wood, Ceramic Core & Cast Iron , Hand Grinding Improves Taste, Acidity & Finish.
  • The hand crank grinder with ceramic grinding core, can be washed easily, no metal smell, avoid raw heat affecting flavor. Pure wood bottom base with drawer collects powder easily.
  • Easy Manual Operation: This hand-crank style mill requires just a few turns on the handle to grind coffee beans, spices, nuts, herbs or other gourmet ingredients. No batteries or electricity is required.
  • Fineness Adjustment:The manual coffee bean grinder with built-in polygon adjustor (turn it upward or downward) enables you to precisely control over the powder fineness for any desired brewing method.
  • Pratical and Useful: Don't bother with messy, complicated grinders. An ideal companion for Coffee Maker, Espresso Maker & Other Home Brewing Systems.Perfect for coffee shop display, as a birthday gift, or simply for grinding coffee beans.
  • 采用优质松木、陶瓷芯和铸铁制作,手工研磨提高咖啡的口感、酸度和口感。
  • 采用陶瓷磨芯的手摇曲柄磨床,清洗方便,无金属气味,避免生热影响风味,纯木质底,带抽屉,易于收集粉末。
  • 简单的手动操作:这款手曲柄式磨粉机只需转动手柄几下,就可以磨碎咖啡豆、香料、坚果、香草或其他美食配料,不需要电池或电力。
  • 手动咖啡豆研磨机内置多边形调整器(向上或向下转动),可精确控制粉的细度,适用于任何想要的冲泡方法。
  • 咖啡机,浓缩咖啡机和其他家庭酿造系统的理想伴侣,完美的咖啡店陈列或生日礼物。

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