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900000 Flashes IPL Laser Permanent Hair Removal Electric Painless Male Female

#HIF361129 ឧបករណ៍រក្សាស្បែក Selected by LITTLEFASHION

$78.57   $55.00 App Only

Membership Price: $55.00 (Save 30%)
  • Package Included:
  • 1 x hair remover(main body)
  • 1 x adapter
  • 1x English user manual
  • English user manual:
  • https://drive.google.com/open?id=1L35QSQTYHyyR6l3Tnj8kEq64FEhM1Z6g
  • Features:
  • -2 in 1 fucntion: Skin rejuvenation function & hair removal fucntion
  • -900,000 flash high quality quartz flashes for a long service life
  • -IPL laser Technology , achieving permanent hair removal
  • 【Intense Light (IPL)Hair Removal System is based on thermal damage theory,intense flash light penetrates into dermis and is absorbed by melanin in hair follicle, producing photothermal effect, conducting the energy from hair section to hair root, rising the temperature of melanin rapidly and decomposing it. Thus hair re-growth is stopped permanently.】
  • -LCD Status Display, more reliable and ture. You can check the rest pluse amount obviously
  • -The compact, handheld tool uses intense pulsed light thchnology to safely and efficiently target hairs right at the root-quickly removing them and helping to prevent regrowth.
  • -With 5 setting level , including a simple-to-use ‘flash and glide’ mode. suitable different people. Can be chossed the level according to your skin & hair color
  • -4.3c㎡ irradiate area of light and 3 seconds irradiate speed help you finish the hair removal in a short time
  • - Ideal for full body hair removal, including arms, underarms, bikini line, legs, back and chest
  • -Perfect for sensitive areas without painlessness. It can remove lip hair, armpit hair, arms, legs forehead hairline & bikini hair
  • -Temperature protective system. When working temperature is higher than its protective temperature, the device will stop working to send flash
  • -First use fortnightly to enjoy silky, fuzz-free skin every day and to prevent future hair regrowth.Then simply repeat the process every four or six weeks, any hair will gradually become finer with less and less hair regrowth.It’s the u ltimate at-home solution for beautifully-smooth results, without the need for expensive or painful in-salon treatments.
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