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12 Pcs Vacuum Massage Cans Suction Cups Set Body Massager Suction Therapy

#GRA356617 រក្សាស្បែកខ្លួន Selected by LITTLEFASHION

$12.24   $8.57 App Only

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  • Accessories are as follows:
  • A cupping gun,12 cuppings, 2 magnetic heads、connecting tube, one instruction manual
  • 12 cans, a total of 6 sets of *2 / group.
  • Tank No. 01 (2): 5.5cm: external diameter: 6.6cm
  • Tank No. 02 (2): 4.7cm: external diameter: 5.8cm
  • Tank No. 03 (2): 3.8cm: external diameter: 5.1cm
  • Tank No. 04 (2): 3.4cm: external diameter: 4.4cm
  • Tank No. 05 (2): 2.5cm: external diameter: 3.4cm
  • Tank No. 06 (2): 2.1cm: external diameter: 3.0cm
  • Usage:
  • 1, before use, the upper end of the tank can be lifted upward to ensure smooth gas flow.
  • 2. After the vacuum gun is put on the upper end of the tank, the vertical pulling rod is pulled about 4 times to achieve the appropriate negative pressure.
  • 3, the use of the end of the tank, the upper end of the tank valve stem gently lift, can the tank be taken off.
  • 4. The less part of human body muscle or the furry feet and joints can be made of edible noodles and put under the mouth of the can to achieve sealing effect.
  • The characteristics of cupping device are:
  • 1, beautiful and durable: the product is strong in material, beautiful in appearance, easy to use, and resistant to collision.
  • 2. Flexible and transparent: the tank is light blue transparent, the negative pressure can be adjusted at will, easy to observe the treatment area.
  • 3. Safety sealing: the mouth of the tank is circular, smooth and smooth, with large contact surface with the skin, good air tightness, not easy to fall off.
  • 4, specifications are complete: tank can be divided into seven models, suitable for all parts of the body.
  • 5, easy to operate: no fire, no electricity, safe and reliable, easy to carry
  • 产品配件如下:
  • 拔罐枪一把、拔罐12个、磁头2个、连接管一个、说明书一份
  • 12个罐子,共6组*2个/组。
  • 01号罐(2个)内口径:5.5cm 外口径:6.6cm
  • 02号罐(2个)内口径:4.7cm 外口径:5.8cm
  • 03号罐(2个)内口径:3.8cm 外口径:5.1cm
  • 04号罐(2个)内口径:3.4cm 外口径:4.4cm
  • 05号罐(2个)内口径:2.5cm 外口径:3.4cm
  • 06号罐(2个)内口径:2.1cm 外口径:3.0cm
  • 拨罐器使用方法:
  • 1、使用前,先将罐体上端阀杆向上提下,保证气体畅通。
  • 2、将真空抽枪口套住罐体上端后,垂直提拉拉杆4次左右,达到适当负压。
  • 3、使用结束起罐,将罐体上端阀杆轻轻提起,罐具便可取下。
  • 4、人体肌肉较少部位或毛足、关节处可用食用面做成面圈垫置罐口下,以达密封效果。
  • 拔罐器的特点:
  • 1、美观耐用:产品材质坚固,造型美观易用,耐碰撞。
  • 2、灵活通透:罐体呈淡兰色透明状,罐内负压可随意调整,易于观察施治区域。
  • 3、安全密封:罐口呈圆弧形,平滑,圆润,与皮肤接触面大,气密性好,不易脱落。
  • 4、规格齐全:罐体分为六种型号,大小适宜,适合人体各部位使用。
  • 5、操作方便:不用火,不用电,安全可靠,携带方便,一学就会

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