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Beauty Instrument Ultrasonic PioneerCleansing Beauty Device Water Detoxification

#HIF332997 ឧបករណ៍រក្សាស្បែក Selected by LITTLEFASHION

$102.00   $71.40 App Only

  • Product performance:
  • 1) Soften the thrombus, eliminate the ""red face"" application of ultrasonic pulse therapy, and cooperate with appropriate blood circulation and ointment. The deformed micro blood vessels can be corrected and returned to normal, so that red faces can be eliminated.
  • (2) Eliminating scars after acne, because the ultrasound can penetrate the skin, not only can dissolve
  • the blood that bleeds out of the dry skin, but also can strengthen the blood circulation and
  • metabolism, and make the color prints fade away more quickly. Ultrasonic treatment with acne cream
  • is generally performed every other day. , 10 times a course of treatment.
  • (3) Differentiating pigment from pigmented skin except for subcutaneous plaque. The procedure is calculated as a course of treatment. 10 times is a course of treatment, and the middle part needs to rest for 7 days. The uniqueness is that the ultrasonic shock wave can destroy the inner membrane of the stained cells, prevent it from forming, dissolve the pigment, Make it disappear completely with the metabolism.
  • (4) The use of ultrasonic mechanical massage, on the one hand, regulates the change of subcutaneous cells through the cell membrane, and on the other hand strengthens blood circulation and metabolism. As a result, small wrinkles are gradually disappearing, and hard blood bruises caused by hard objects are completely eliminated.
  • (5) Eliminates bags under the eyes and dark circles. Because the mechanical massage of the ultrasonic beauty device accelerates the blood and lymph circulation, it also dissolves the fat and accelerates the subcutaneous absorption due to the heat energy. The excessive accumulation of moisture and fat dissipates. The eye circle disappears with it. Use the head of the ultrasonic beauty instrument to massage along the skin's texture. Each time the eye bags are applied for 5 minutes, the intensity should be gentle, and the head should not be aimed at the eyeball.

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