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NPK Silicone Simulation Doll Girl Toy Creative Gift Rubber Doll Children's Wear Model Children's High-end Gift Green Dinosaur Coat

#SWE328361 ក្មេង & ទារក Selected by LITTLEFASHION

$77.14 App Only

  • NPK 60CM high quality reborn toddler boy doll in hoodie dress bebe doll reborn 6-9Month real baby size doll
  • This baby is handmade. craftwork with hand painting
  • Doll size :24inches,60CM
  • Weight: Doll Net weight is around 1.7KG, Packing about 2KG
  • Material and structure: head and 3/4 limbs are made of high quality silicone vinyl , very soft touch and realistic, flexible. doll body is stuffed PP cotton cloth body, the doll can not have bath or shower.
  • You can take off the clothes to wash the dress, for the doll body , you can also clean it by hand-washing, just make sure to dry it completely.
  • The doll is totally poseable,head and limbs can be moved around freely.
  • Eyes: Taiwan high-grade acrylic eyes, the eyes can not blink
  • Hair:hand applied High Temperature Synthetic wig hair,very soft touch , the hair can be permed or straightend with a hair iron, jsut make sure the temperature is
  • within 120° Centigrade.
  • Clothing:dress will be exactly same as picture. you can changes clothes for her by yourself, 6-9M realy baby size clothes fits her
  • you will receive a dressed doll same as picture showing, a pacifier + a feeding bottle+toy +certificate
  • NPK 60CM优质重生男婴连帽衫洋娃娃bebe洋娃娃重生6-9个月真人大小洋娃娃
  • 这个婴儿是手工制作的。手绘工艺品
  • 娃娃尺寸:24英寸,60厘米
  • 重量:娃娃净重约1.7公斤,包装约2公斤
  • 材料和结构:头部和3/4四肢采用优质硅胶乙烯基制成,触感非常柔软,逼真,灵活。娃娃身是填充聚丙烯棉布的身体,娃娃不能洗澡或淋浴。
  • 你可以把衣服脱下来洗衣服,对于娃娃的身体,你也可以用手洗干净,只是要确保完全晾干。
  • 这个娃娃完全可以摆设,头部和四肢可以自由移动。
  • 眼睛:台湾高级亚克力眼睛,眼睛不能眨
  • 头发:用手敷高温合成假发,触感非常柔软,头发可以用烫发器烫发或拉直,但要确保温度
  • 120摄氏度以内。
  • 服装:服装和图片完全一样。你可以自己给她换衣服,6-9米的真婴儿尺寸的衣服适合她
  • 您将获得一个与图片展示相同的穿着娃娃、一个奶嘴+一个奶瓶+玩具+证书

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