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4×4 Wireless Remote Control Off-road Vehicle, Desert Off-road Eagle 1:12 Full Scale 2.4GHz Four-wheel Drive High-speed Toy Car BG-1513B

#SWE326393 កូនឡាននិងគ្រឿងបញ្ជាក្មេងលេង Selected by LITTLEFASHION

$114.51 App Only

  • Item no.:BG-1513B
  • Weight of car:1430g
  • Size of box:44*25*21CM
  • Size of inner box :46*26*65CM
  • Product function description:
  • 1. The product adopts 2.4GHz technology to support multiple high-speed cars to race at the same time, so as to realize beautiful high-speed off-road drift movement.
  • 2. The product has a four-wheel independent suspension system.
  • 3. The product is fully proportional remote control four-drive system.
  • 4. With shock absorption and anti-collision design, the product has a long service life.
  • 5. The product is equipped with standard steering gear with strong operability and higher playability.
  • 6. The product is equipped with 3 groups of lights.
  • 7. Equipped with a full set of metal differential and metal gear.
  • 8. The whole car is equipped with imported metal microbearings.
  • 9. Adopt environmental protection, anti-collision, anti-fall and blister car shell, the car shell is covered with protective film.
  • Product parameters:
  • 1. Each vehicle is delivered with: 1 remote control, 1 charger, 1 set of shock absorption adjustment ring (large, medium and small), 4 type R locks, 1 cross wrench and a screwdriver.
  • 2. The battery adopts cylindrical environment-friendly lithium battery 7.4v /1500MA.
  • 3. Charging time: about 180 minutes
  • 4.2.4g remote control distance up to about 50 meters
  • 5. Take about 15 minutes to land
  • 6. The vehicle speed is about 35KM/H
  • 7. Standard steering gear, 390 strong magneto.
  • Tires are made of rubber.
  • 9. The fuselage structure, vehicle bottom components and rocker arms are made of engineering nylon materials and gears are made of zinc alloy.
  • 10. The remote control is not fully charged (3 no.5 "AA" batteries)
  • 产品型号:BG1513A
  • 产品名称:沙漠越野之鹰
  • 车身重量:1430g
  • 车身规格: 41*22*16.5CM
  • 彩盒规格: 44*25*21CM
  • 产品功能说明:
  • 1.产品采用2.4GHz技术支持多架高速车同时竟速比赛,实现漂亮的高速越野漂移动作。
  • 2.产品具备有四轮独立悬挂系统。
  • 3.产品为全比例遥控四驱动系统。
  • 4.产品带有减震防撞设计,使用寿命长。
  • 5.产品配置标准舵机操作性强,可玩性更高。
  • 6.产品配置3组灯光。
  • 7、配置前后全套金属差速器和金属齿轮。
  • 8、全车配置进口金属微轴承。
  • 9、采用环保防撞抗摔吸塑车壳,车壳覆有保护膜。
  • 产品参数:
  • 1.每辆车配送:1个遥控器、充电器1个、减震调节环1套(大、中、小)、R型锁扣4个、十字扳钳1个、螺丝刀一把。
  • 2.电池采用圆柱环保锂电池7.4V/1500MA。
  • 3.充电时间:180分钟左右
  • 4.2.4G遥控距离可达50米左右
  • 5.落地跑时间在15分钟左右
  • 6.车辆极速约为35KM/H左右
  • 7.配置标准舵机,390强磁电机。
  • 8.轮胎采用橡胶制造。
  • 9.机身结构、车底构件、摇臂等均采用工程尼龙料、齿轮采用锌合金制造而成。
  • 10.遥控器不包电(3颗5号“AA”电池)

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