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1X Homeliving Mosquito Killer Mosquito Lamp USB Photocatalyst Mosquito Lamp

#TUO318184 កម្ចាត់សត្វល្អិត Selected by LITTLEFASHION

$5.60   $5.32 App Only

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  • Features:
  • 1. Ultraviolet light 360° luminescence, simulating the moisture of the human body through photocatalytic reaction, attracting mosquitoes in
  • any direction
  • 2. Vortex airflow, strong suction, mosquitoes will be sucked into the bottom box after approaching the wind tunnel
  • 3.Centrifugal pressure to prevent mosquitoes from escaping. When the mosquito is sucked into the capture box, it will always be pushed
  • into the bottom by the airflow, dehydrated and died
  • 4. The grid-type anti-escape device ensures that captured mosquitoes cannot escape
  • 5. Low decibel work sound, do not disturb the user's work or rest
  • 6. Removable structural design, after a period of use, the storage box of the mosquito can be removed and washed clean
  • 7. The USB interface is easy to use and can be connected to a mobile phone charger, a laptop, and a mobile power source. Kill mosquitoes
  • everywhere
  • 8.Safe, energy-saving, efficient
  • Specifications:
  • Name: Ultraviolet Photocatalytic Suction Type Mosquito Killer
  • Material: PP
  • Color: Black, White
  • Power: 5W DV 5V-1A
  • Applicable area: 20-50 square meters
  • Advantages: capturing mosquitoes is efficient, safe and natural
  • Application: family, office, warehouse
  • Package included:
  • Mosquito killer *1
  • USB cable *1
  • Use suggestions:
  • ●1. It should be opened in the bedroom as early as 3 hours in advance
  • ●2. The product uses physical mosquito killing method, so it can not kill mosquitoes immediately when booting
  • ●3. Check the box for storing mosquitoes after at least 24H, because the mosquitoes die by dehydration, take some time, and often open, which will cause the mosquitoes to escape
  • ●4. Please use 48H or more for the first time use. Please use the curtains for indoor use to ensure the dark environment. Do not turn on the lights. Do not place them in the air outlet or the air outlet of the fan
  • ●5. Turn off all other lights when mosquito killing, and make sure the mosquito killer is the only light source
  • ●6. The mosquito killer is placed about 1 meter above th
  • 特征:
  • 1.紫外线360°发光,通过光催化反应模拟人体的水分,吸引蚊子进入
  • 任何方向
  • 2.涡流气流,吸力强,接近风洞后蚊子将被吸入底盒
  • 3.离心压力,防止蚊子逸出。当蚊子被吸入收集箱时,它将始终被推入
  • 通过气流进入底部,脱水并死亡
  • 4.网格式防逃逸装置,确保捕获的蚊子无法逃逸
  • 5.低分贝的工作声音,请勿打扰用户的工作或休息
  • 6.可拆卸的结构设计,使用一段时间后,可以将蚊子的储物盒取下并清洗干净
  • 7. USB接口易于使用,可以连接到手机充电器,笔记本电脑和移动电源。杀死蚊子
  • 到处
  • 8.安全,节能,高效
  • 规格:
  • 产品名称:紫外线光催化吸式灭蚊器
  • 材质:PP
  • 颜色:黑色,白色
  • 功率:5W DV 5V-1A
  • 适用面积:20-50平方米
  • 优点:高效,安全,自然地捕获蚊子
  • 应用:家庭,办公室,仓库
  • 套餐包括:
  • 灭蚊* 1
  • USB电缆* 1
  • 使用建议:
  • ●1。应该提前3小时在卧室打开
  • ●2。该产品采用物理灭蚊方法,因此开机时不能立即杀死蚊子
  • ●3。至少在24小时后检查一下用于保存蚊子的盒子,因为蚊子会因脱水而死亡,需要一些时间并且经常打开,这会导致蚊子逃逸
  • ●4。初次使用时请使用48H或以上。请在室内使用窗帘以确保黑暗的环境。不要打开灯。请勿将它们放在风扇的出风口或出风口中
  • ●5。灭蚊时,请关闭所有其他照明灯,并确保灭蚊灯是唯一的光源
  • ●6。灭蚊灯位于离地面约1米的位置

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