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OTG Card Reader Micro SD / SD Card / USB Mobile Phone Card Reader TF High Speed 2.0 Multifunction Card Reader Private Model

#DET313004 ខ្សែកុំព្យូទ័រនិងខ្សែភ្ជាប់កុំព្យូទ័រ Selected by LITTLEFASHION

$6.50 App Only

  • common problem:
  • 1. About the reader transfer, read speed.
  • A: The card reading speed is related to the C6/C10 memory card. The C6 card reads 11-16MB/S and writes to 6-8MB/S.
  • (Example: YC-310 and YC-320) C10 card Read 17-26MB/S Write 12-18MB/S
  • (Example: YC-320 version 3.0) C10 card Read 91-87MB/S Write 81-78MB/S
  • 2. About the problem of card reading capacity limitation.
  • A: There is no capacity limit in accordance with the USB standard, and 64G/128G/256G memory cards can be read. The OTG function can also be used for 5% of the phone's power.
  • 3. About the OTG function.
  • A: You can query the parameters of the mobile phone, query the Internet, and ask for after-sales customer service inquiry.
  • 4. About certification.
  • A: It is FCC certified and meets CE/ROHS standards.
  • 1.关于读卡器传输,读取速度。
  • 答:读卡速度与C6/C10的存储卡有关,C6卡 读取11-16MB/S 写入6-8MB/S
  • (例:YC-310和YC-320) C10卡 读取17-26MB/S 写入12-18MB/S
  • (例:YC-320 3.0版) C10卡 读取91-87MB/S 写入81-78MB/S
  • 2.关于读卡容量限制问题。
  • 答:符合USB 标准的没有容量限制,可读取到64G/128G/256G存储卡。手机电量5%也能使用OTG功能。
  • 3.关于OTG功能。
  • 答:通过手机的参数查询,上网查询,询问售后客服查询。
  • 4.关于认证。
  • 答:通过FCC认证,符合CE/ROHS标准。

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